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DesktopDigitalClock 3.91 (Donationware)

2 years ago 173

A digital clock for your desktop that's very easy to customize, making time & date tracking easily available for your everyday needs

What's new in DesktopDigitalClock 3.91:

Improvements in new Feature: The desktop clock as a taskbar overlay New languages: simplified Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian Update of the language files

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These days, timekeeping can be as easy as looking at the right corner of your Windows screen. But for some, even a gesture as small as this can be… well… time-consuming. These are people who need advanced time tracking in their daily activities, where every minute and every second count.

Then there are those who just don’t like the standard Windows clock and would rather have a cooler widget on their desktops. If you find yourself in any of the aforementioned categories, then you could give Digital Desktop Clock a try.

A simple digital clock for Windows

Digital Desktop Clock doesn’t offer much, and this very simplicity is its strength. It will show you the exact time and date, via a small widget on your desktop.

The big advantage is that you can completely customize the way this simple text is displayed, and then move it anywhere on your desktop. In fact. you’ll probably want to do this right after you install Desktop Digital Clock, because as soon as the application starts, you’ll be hit by flashbacks of your WordArt-filled essays from 5th grade.

For those of you that are too young to catch that reference (or for those that have repressed the memory too deep into the abyss of your subconscious). WordArt was a tool in some older versions of Microsoft Word which would let your write titles in the most colorful, over-the-top and cringeworthy manner. To put it simply, WordArt was not pretty, and neither will Desktop Digital Clock be when it first appears on your screen.

As easy to customize as a word editor

Thankfully, you can start playing with the looks of your clock right away. You can change the size of the text, the transparency, or even the font (Comic Sans fans, rejoice!). The clock comes with a series of predefined themes, and they all insist on taking you to gradient wonderland, but you can bypass that by selecting more down to earth colors, and by removing the Text Outline.

Once the aesthetic part has been taken care of, you just get a useful clock that you can move around your screen to wherever you need it most. Once you find that right spot, you can pin it in that position so you won’t move it by accident, and you can make it “Always on top” so that it’s easier to use with other software.

Desktop Digital Clock can become your unobtrusive friend given time (pun probably not intended). Still, since it’s completely free and won’t burden your RAM in any way, there’s no reason not to have it if you want a time tracking tool on your desktop.

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