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DeleteOnClick / Beta (Freeware)

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Straightforward utility which enables you to securely delete files and folders from the hard drive with a single click of the button

DeleteOnClick is a software tool that provides users with a simple and secure method of removing items from the computer, and make them unrecoverable. When erased with DeleteOnClick, folders and files are permanently erased from the hard drive, with no possibility of getting them back.

'Securely Delete' option in the context menu

Following a straightforward installation process, DeleteOnClick places a new item in the Windows context menu, enabling you to wipe a file with ease. You simply have to choose the 'Securely Delete' option in the right-click menu and confirm your action to begin.

There is no interface and no complicated settings to deal with, you don't have to choose an overwrite method for the data. Just right-click, confirm and the file or folder is simply gone.

Method of use and options available

This program enables you to delete both files and directories with just a click of the button, in a securely manner which prevents you or other people from recovering the items discarded this way.

This means that DeleteOnClick is not going to send items to the Recycle Bin, yet it is going to permanently delete them, bringing a feature which is more powerful than the “Shift+Delete” function.

This is possible by adding a new entry in the Windows File Explorer Context menu, and it is important to keep in mind that you should not use this function if you are not sure about removing an item from the PC. No other notable options are incorporated.

Bottom line

In conclusion, DeleteOnClick is a pretty efficient piece of software when it comes to securely deleting files and directories from the hard drive. The interface is suitable to all types of users, the response time is very good, CPU and memory usage is low at all times and our tests did not register any errors, crashes or bugs.

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