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Deezer Music (Ad-supported)

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Enjoy listening to your favorite music, create playlists, browse an extended database and check out recommendations to discover new songs everyday

Deezer is one of the most popular music streaming services, providing access to a generous track collection of more than 35 million songs. Designed for Windows 10, the Deezer Music app provides convenient access to the Deezer platform, without having to use a web browser.

Music for all tastes

The Deezer is easily installed on your computer but please note that a valid Deezer account is required to use it. Alternatively, it allows you to log in via Facebook, which is easier and faster.

The purpose of Deezer is to open the doors to a rich music library where anyone can find something that suits their taste. Furthermore, the Deezer editors will help you in your endeavor to build custom playlists by displaying daily recommendations, thus offering you the opportunity to discover new beautiful songs and add them to your personal playlist.

Add music to ‘Favorites’

The modern-looking interface encases a built-in player that allows you to listen to any track you select, also providing basic playback control options. It is possible to sync your Deezer account with the desktop client and thus access your playlists at all times.

There is a ‘Favorites’ section where you can add the music albums you like most. To do so, you must search for the album or the artist in the Deezer database. The Deezer also allows you to search for individual artists and check out their discography while offering suggestions for similar artists you might like.

It’s all about discovering new songs

With personalized song recommendations and a built-in player to listen to tracks as you go, Deezer is a good option if you are looking for music on demand. Its suggestions can help you find interesting songs, catchy tracks and cool sounds that can be then added to a custom playlist you can listen to anytime you want to, on any compatible device.

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSIONIn the free edition (without registering): Music is not accessible offline Sound quality: standard only Banners and audio ads

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