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Deepest Sword Mod APK v0.1.4c

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Ebony Lowe - 29/10/2021

Love playing platformer games? In Deepest Sword, you’ll venture in a unique world where you can slay the dragon! You can lengthen your blade and try!

There are a lot of unique platformer games over the years. This is thanks to the success of the Mario series where you’ll need to save the Princess. In these games, you’ll face many challenging roads ahead, traps and enemies. This allows players to enjoy a fun game where they can enjoy all sorts of adventures and challenges. But in Deepest Sword, you’ll enjoy a unique premise wherein you just need to slay the dragon! But it’s not as easy as you think since there are many challenges ahead.

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This game is different from all other platformer games you’ve played before since you can already meet the final boss at the start! Here, you must slay the dragon using your sword but the more you fail, the longer your sword will be and the deeper the dungeon will be. This will make things challenging for players as they’ll need to go through many platforms. Ultimately, you’ll just need to slay the dragon and with the right sword length, you can easily do so.

Slay the Dragon

Do you enjoy playing adventure and platformer games? There are so many RPG games that one can enjoy today and they’re all fun. The common things you’ll see here are the different levels, platforms, traps, enemies and even rewards. If you’ve enjoyed the Mario series, then it’s clear that you’re looking for more of those type of games. With Deepest Sword, you can enjoy quite a unique one today where you can slay the dragon! What makes this game so unique is the fact that you can slay the dragon early on.

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Here, you’ll be able to meet the dragon early on in the game as it’s the only task you’ll do. But of course, your sword is still short so it will only tickle the dragon and it will instantly kill you. Then, you’ll return at the start but this time, your sword will be a bit longer in hopes of slaying the dragon. But this also gets more challenging as the more times you slay the dragon, the longer your sword’s going to be. Then, the dungeon will also get deeper so you’ll face many challenges just getting into the dragon’s lair.

Features of Deepest Sword

If you love playing exciting adventure games, try Deepest Sword now! This is a game that lets you slay a dragon.

Slay a dragon – Have you ever played a game where you’ll need to slay a dragon? Since there are many RPG and adventure games today, you can find a lot of these games now. Enjoy your time exploring and leveling up before you challenge the bosses and reap the rewards. That’s usually the case with these games but with Deepest Sword, things are different! Here, you’ll face the dragon head on early on at the game.

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The dragon won’t move around so you can easily slay it but the problem is that your sword isn’t long enough. Even if you stab the dragon, it will not go through and you’ll just be burned to crisp! But the good news is that you can start all over again and this time, your sword will be a bit longer but the dungeon will be deeper. This is the challenge that you must face continually in the game today!

Unique concept – Most adventure platformer games are very linear which means you’ll enjoy challenges as you grow. But Deepest Sword is different as you’ll face the challenge head on at the start. But, no matter how hard you stab the dragon, your sword just wouldn’t cut it! Then, you’ll be back at the starting line but your sword will be a bit longer. But the problem is that the longer your sword is, the harder it is to navigate through the dungeon.

Coupled with the fact that the dungeon will get deeper every time you fail, then there’s a ton of challenging things you’ll face!

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Your sword gets longer – In this game, your sword will get longer the more times you fail. Every time you fail to slay the dragon, you’ll be back where you started. But this time, the wizard will grant you with a slightly longer sword which will enable you to stab the dragon. But every so often, it will still not be enough to slay the dragon completely. Ultimately, you’ll be able to finish the game once you’ve gone through several stages.

Different stages – In Deepest Sword, the dungeon will get deeper every time. You’ll face different stages with unique colors and challenges ahead!

Pixel graphics – Get ready and enjoy pixel graphics like never before. The graphics of the game are simple but it’s packed with enjoyable elements.

Download Deepest Sword APK – Latest version

What will you do to slay the dragon? In Deepest Sword, you’ll need to slay the dragon today!

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