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DeaDBeeF 1.8.8 (Freeware)

8 months ago 26

Play a variety of audio formats, convert between them, customize the UI almost any way you want, and use many additional plugins which can extend it even more

What's new in DeaDBeeF 1.8.8:

Fixed: A crash and file path issues in PSF plugin (greedysky) Fixed: A crash when reading certain AAC files Fixed: Reading and writing metadata in certain MP4 files, which didn't work before Fixed: Finding a cuesheet when the path contains symlink

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Music means relaxation almost for all people, and those who often use computers for their pastimes require user-friendly applications to enjoy their tracks. DeaDBeeF is one such utility.

Plugin-based audio player

What sets DeaDBeeF apart from other similar applications is the fact that most of its functions are supported via plugins - it goes without saying that you can remove the ones you do not need so as to obtain a faster player. Alternatively, you can add new plugin to enhance the experience even further.

Basic, straightforward interface

The application comes with a minimalist graphic user interface, meaning its more specialized functions are neatly kept under the hood and that you can go straight to listening to your tracks without any further delay.

You can add files and folders that store your music, along with online locations, then create playlists and assign them titles. Last.fm is also supported, due to a dedicated plugin in DeaDBeeF.

Shuffle or repeat tracks

Just like you would expect from any audio player, you get the possibility to play your tracks in the order you added them, or you can shuffle tracks, albums or random tracks.

When it comes to repeating some songs, you can easily repeat a single track over and over again, or you can repeat all of them. Search is also included, so you can quickly find the tracks you need by simply typing part of their title or singer.

Integrated equalizer

A nifty feature of DeaDBeeF is its built-in equalizer since you can manually alter its parameters to boost your listening experience. You can save the presets you are most pleased with for later use or you can import Foobar2000 presets.

To wrap it up

All in all, DeaDBeeF can easily become your new favorite audio player, especially if you are type who likes to customize not only the features of an app (via plugins), but also its appearance bu tinkering with its colors and fonts.

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