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December 13, 2021 (2 mins ago)
DDTank Mobile
7road International HK Limited
Android 4.1

Anyone who once played web games must have matured by now. And if you want to relive the good old days, let’s come to the world of DDTank Mobile APK.

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Introduce about DDTank Mobile

The legendary DDTank game is back!

If some mobile games often go into epic RPG, FPS, or Battle Royale with respectable depth, a series of impressed criteria of hardware specifications, perseverance, and investment of time and effort, GMO games are chosen by many people to play in their leisure time because they do not have to spend too much effort, are easy to play, convenient, and completely fun.

But it is also this feature that GMO games often have a simple layout, the plot is not too deep, and are often judged as not heavy enough. GMOs also tend to stay away from complex genres like wide-field shooters. However, there are still a few exceptions, such as the case of DDTank Mobile.


DDTank Mobile is about Chicken residents living peacefully in their lovely small land. Suddenly one day the evil appeared and grabbed them all and brought them to prison. You will play as an adventurer, who accidentally witnessed this event and decided to start an adventure to rescue the inhabitants of Chicken.

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It sounds pretty dumb. But, when playing, you will find that DDTank Mobile is a very smooth combination of funny, cute, and cute elements and fiery battles no less than any shooter.

Why is DDTank Mobile different?

DDTank Mobile is classified in the GMO genre (Mobile Online Game) and from the early days of its launch, it has been eagerly awaited by the people. The game originated from a web game (specifically Gunny), so if anyone has ever had a long time playing with web games on PC, it will be easy to recognize the familiarity when playing DDTank Mobile.

Still the classic start, players will be able to choose one of two characters (male or female). Next, you can select some key appearance features such as the face, hair, body shape, clothes, accessories… This is also a factor that attracts new players, especially those who like the simple and gentle style of a classic GMO game.

DDTank Mobile for Android

DDTank Mobile also has full voice acting for the main and supporting characters. This factor created a lot of excitement for players and helped the game pacing quickly without delay due to having to read too much text at once. The combat effects aren’t so impressed in my opinion, but for a groundbreaking GMO game of its kind, it’s still very great.

Two ways to shoot depending on your forte

I will talk about the classic coordinate shooting mechanism first. The essence of DDTank Mobile is the shooting coordinates scenes of all situations and with all enemies. It sounds a bit difficult, but playing in DDTank Mobile is quite simple. You just need to touch-drag-drop to perform aiming movements according to the coordinates of your sights: adjust the coordinate angle of the projectile to the direction of the enemy, drag it towards you and then aim within range, then let go. Pulling far and near will determine the strength of the bullet.

In addition to shooting enemies, the game also gives you some special items on the game process. They can increase power, double shots, auto-aim… These special abilities are a bit sad that they only work for a while, and each time they use them, they will consume a lot of energy.

But in general, any skills of the character in DDTank Mobile also consume energy, not only when using special skills. Even walking around exploring the map also consumes a decent amount of energy.

So the trick is to keep as much energy as possible for the important battles. Balancing everything, taking advantage of everything from terrain to ammunition and special items used at the right time, will help you save your energy.

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Besides the traditional coordinate shooting mechanism, DDTank Mobile also has a self-propelled shooting mechanism. That is, the player can manually adjust the shooting angle and force of the shot so that it is best, according to his or her thoughts, without any hints about the bullet path as well as predicting the results of the bullets from the game. This coordinate shooting mechanism is much more difficult to play, but for those who are too familiar with the other form, try playing this one, the thrill will increase many times.

In addition to shooting to reach the ultimate goal of freeing the residents of Chickens, during the game, players are constantly challenged in a series of different tasks given by the game such as forming a clan, practicing skills, collecting Pets, communicating and interacting with NPCs… Each activity doesn’t take too much time, but it can bring you super items.

Download DDTank Mobile APK for Android

In short, DDTank Mobile is an interesting online game with beautiful chibi 2D graphics. This game is very fun, fast rhythm, and has many funny situations, the gameplay is equally fun. If you are a fan of GMOs, you can’t ignore DDTank Mobile.

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