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DCP-o-matic 2.14.55 / 2.15.171 Beta (Donationware)

9 months ago 32

Effortlessly and swiftly create comprehensive DCPs (Digital Cinema Packages) with the help of this intuitive open source application

What's new in DCP-o-matic 2.15.171 Beta:

Updated nl_NL and es_ES translations from Rob van Nieuwkerk and Manuel AC. Fix position of content outline (#2108). Fix mis-timed ASS-formatted subtitles embedded in video files, in some cases. Fix ordering of closed captions on some devices (e.g. Captiview) (#2106).

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Creating a digital cinema packages, or DCPs, usually involves a rather complex step-by-step workflow and can be painstakingly laborious without the right tools.

You could go for the more popular options for DCP creation such as Adobe Media Encoder, easyDCP, OpenDCP, and CuteDCP, most of which are paid apps or you could give DCP-o-matic a change.

DCP-o-matic offers you a comprehensive, open-source, community-powered alternative for creating DCPs using videos, subtitles, images and sound files that can be played on most DCI-compliant projectors from modern cinemas.

Works on all major OSes and comes with support for some of the most popular media formats

A noteworthy advantage stems from the fact that DCP-o-matic is not limited to Windows, as it also comes with support for macOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and Centos.

We would also like to point out right from the start that it's capable of working with a wide array of video formats such as MP3, MOV, AVI, VOB, WMV, MKV and a lot of other popular picture (JPEG, PNG, TIFF), audio, and subtitle formats.

Sports a novice-accessible user interface

The fact that this app has been designed to be as straightforward and as pragmatic as possible becomes apparent right from the second you lay your eyes its non-impressive interface. It may not look the part, but rest assured that the app's intuitive layout and its decent feature set make it worthwhile solution for creating DCPs.

There are two, self-explanatory main tabs. The first one is more useful when it comes to loading, creating and manipulating DCP content. For instance, you can easily load all the files required for building your DCP as well as thoroughly-manage various video, audio, subtitle, and timing-related parameters. The second tab, while more simplistic, is home to more advanced features such as DCP settings and encryption-related options.

One of the best open source solutions for DCP creation

Taking everything into account, DCP-o-matic is a very capable and quite efficient piece of software that should come in handy for most users that are not doing this at a professional level.

Best of all, it's incredibly straightforward to use and, to make things even better, a comprehensive manual is available on the app's website, which should help you speed up the learning process by a large margin.

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