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DC Worlds Collide

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DC Worlds Collide

Anyone who’s a DC fan should not miss this game: DC Worlds Collide APK. This is an idle RPG with jaw-dropping visuals, officially licensed by DC.

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Introduce about DC Worlds Collide

Immerse yourself in the world of DC Comics!

When playing this game, you can meet all the heroes and monsters of the DC Comics universe. Let’s explore this amazing game!


DC Worlds Collide is an idle RPG combined with the card strategy. The tactical nature here is emphasized. Most of the time in DC Worlds Collide, you will need to collect heroes, assemble a 5-person squad to prepare for important battles. In these ranks, each hero, depending on his strength and skills, will be classified into different roles: defense, ranged attack, melee, support, relay… The biggest challenge for players is not the process of collecting cards, but arranging the squad accordingly depending on the role of each hero and the opponent’s lineup. Do these two things, which means you have a suitable battle strategy. A right start, a solid foundation will be the premise for victory in every match.

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The criterion for the correct selection and arrangement is how to make the hero team deal the most, strong and continuous damage to the other team. Long, close and coordinated attacks along with support from a solid rear, at the right time will be the key for you to attack and destroy the enemy quickly.


DC Worlds Collide has a total of 75 heroes and villains. Names that just need to be said have a lot of memories. The good side has Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Venom. The evil side cannot be without Joker, Lex Luthor, Catwoman, Darkseid, Black Manta, Deathstroke, Sinestro…

Each character in addition to excellent looks also has special abilities and moves, like what you already know from previous series/movies. During the gameplay, the hero characters in the team can be upgraded and developed unlimitedly.

Fortunately, the game has an idle feature, so as long as you give the initial instructions by arranging a reasonable tactical formation, the rest of the battle process does not need to be worried anymore. Automatically, the pieces on the chessboard will fight on their own, develop all their skills and strengths at that time, and advance in the order arranged from the beginning. The entire combat process is automatic, so once again, tactics are the most important and decisive thing.

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The turn-based combat mechanism in DC Worlds Collide is classic. During the battle, you also have to constantly build bases and fortresses for your army. All resources, items and weapons, and reinforcements will be stored here. And after each battle, you will have to consider letting your hero join high-level organizations like Justice League, Suicide Squad to upgrade faster and learn more combat skills.

Game modes

To play DC Worlds Collide, you can choose one of two modes: PVE or PVP. But whatever the mode you choose, the choice of character and the way to show the squad arrangement strategy, and the ability to fight automatically are the same.

The fun of the player is that we don’t always choose the same characters, arrange the same level. With a total of 75 good and evil characters, you can create a lot of experiments for yourself with different character formation combos, thereby getting your very own synergy to deal with enemies on the other side. Each fascinating story unfolds, cutscenes lead players to different combat situations. And depending on the object of aggression, depending on the upgrade resources and the heroes in hand, you will have many different lineups for you.

The creation of heroes and villains is very excellent

A game about superheroes without 3D graphics can’t be called perfect. DC Worlds Collide owns a very beautiful 3D hero character, with clean lines and unmistakable angular faces of the DC Comics cartoon style. The colors of the whole game are also very bold and bright. The context of the battles takes place full of temperament, grandiose, and eye-catching with a series of fire effects, lighting, and shadows full of depth from each character’s skills.

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The cutscene is also the impressive point in DC Worlds Collide. Although only appearing in scenes with only a few seconds, the time and method of expression are extremely “expensive”. The movement of the characters in these cutscenes is like a short movie, and it’s very attractive players.

Download DC Worlds Collide APK for Android

In short, DC Worlds Collide is an idle RPG combined with the card strategy, with turn-based automatic combat support based on the heroic and villainous characters of the DC Comics universe. This game deserves to be the must-play game in mobile of any DC fan.

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