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Days After MOD APK v9.1.0 (God Mode, Max Durability)

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Description of Days After MOD APK

The reality unfolds as you move ahead in the game. Get ready to enter the hostile territory of all time. Days after is the zombie shooting game. Kill everything that tries to kill you. It’s a multiplayer survival game surrounded by many hidden secrets and a breathtaking action platform.

Days After MOD APKDays After MOD APK

 Überleben Spiele

 Überleben Spiele

Game NameDays After: Survival games
Latest Versionv9.1.0
Size16 MB
MOD FeaturesGod Mode, Max Durability
Requires Android5.0 and up
Last UpdatedApril 16, 2022

Full of action pack game play keeps you awake all the time. The impressive territory is occupied by the lethal weapons and creatures behind you. While you are trying to find your way out, the zombies attack with taking place and you will have to run to keep yourself safe from it. Use your survival skill to construct the structure around you and build the protective layers. You can also steal it from others to safeguard yourself.

Ultimately, the goal is to protect you from an attack coming from all directions. Prevent the zombies from entering your place. Fight for your life and keep others safe as well.

A gamer who is bored with the ordinary real-world multiplayer games would love to play Days after because it consists of many hidden surprises that make the game play more fun. Once enter the city, the zombies will attack from every direction.

You have to use your tactical skills and alertness to find the way out. You get the chance to fight with the enemies. As your kill ratio increases, you will enjoy the power of the pro players.

There will be many surprises which will increase the anxiety. Ordinary players will be transformed into a hero. Choose the hero profile from the given options and become an undefeatable character in the game. A harsh environment will make the game play more exciting.

You have to keep calm during the battle and aim at the zombies accurately to win the fight. Your agility in the game also decides how fast you cross the levels and become the top warrior with the highest score.

How to play Days after MOD APK?

The primary objective after the game is to build the structure around you to protect yourself from the invasion of zombies. The ultimate goal is to keep yourself safe and move forward in the game. Battlefield is hostile, and anything can happen anytime. Players will face many challenges while building the structure. Thus, the building structure is necessary to construct the barrier around you.

After the initial construction is done, go out searching for a zombie. There will be many quests in the game that you have to solve. The game is spread in a large area with dozens of locations and lands. Also, treacherous bosses will be in front of you who will try to defeat you in the game. Use the pets as your partner in the journey. Pet will be your travel buddy who will keep an eye on the path and alert you whenever they sense a threat around you.

Hungry blood sucking zombies are everywhere; thus, you should be alert all the time. The only way you can survive in the game is to attack the enemy before attacking you. You can also get along with other players to build the team. Teaming up with the other online players will increase your power.

You can even romance with the other player, but that will be challenging as the romance depends entirely on the response of both the partners. You have to win the other player’s heart by saving her from zombies. Showcase of your courage in the real battlefield will melt the person’s heart, and it will land a good impression on the person.

Special Features of Days after Game

Face scary zombies

Scary creatures surround the world of zombies. As soon as you enter the city, the post-apocalyptic sense will be in front of you. The world will bring many challenges in front of you.

The scariest zombies will be behind you all the time, waiting for you to make mistakes. The only way to survive is the fight with them as fast as possible and stay away from the attack. A small mistake will take your life, and the game will be over for your character.

Zombies are active all the time, and they don’t sleep, eat, or rest. They are always in search of ordinary people roaming around the cities. The blood-sucking creature wants to drink your fresh blood and eat your brain. You are one of the luckiest people in the world.

A unique collection of heroes

You have a mission to secure humanity and keep innocent people safe from the zombie’s attack. Players are given the option to choose the players.

Find the favorite heroes from the blessed opportunity to make your identity. They are made of different colors, personalities, and outfits. Adopt the new clothes and make yourself comfortable before going into the land of zombies.

You cannot make mistakes because if you fall, no one can protect these people. Every single mistake you make will give an advantage to the enemies. They will take charge of the game and surround you from everywhere.

Thus, you have to be very conscious about the situation. Take the decision based on your experience and tactical planning. Do not ignore the small details if you want to become the top player in the game.

Build Military base and collect weapons

Players will come together to build a military base. You will find weapons from basic to professional. Use the weapons to protect yourself and strongly standstill in the middle of the fight.

Some guns are made of roadside wooden sticks. Use them against the zombies until you find advanced military weapons. Your survival is most important in the game. So do anything that is required to keep yourself safe.

The military base will help you create the fence to protect you from the zombie attack. It will give you time to react to the attack and pull many zombies down using firepower. Stay alive till the last zombie is killed.

MOD Features of Days after App

  • Enjoy the unlimited resources in the MOD apk version of the game.
  • Free craft
  • It gives you max durability, which will help you protect yourself from the zombie attack.
  • God mode makes the character stronger.
  • Travel faster on the world map
  • Never experience hunger or thirst during the game.
  • No annoying advertisement while you are on the battlefield.

Download The Days after MOD APK

The game is available for free download. Find the game apk file download link below. Click the link and get to download it immediately.

Download Days After MOD APK

How to install The Days after MOD APK?

Installation of the MOD apk file on the android smartphone is relatively easy. Follow the installation guide given below.

  • Get the apk file downloaded from the above-given source.
  • Once the file is downloaded, go to the setting and search for the “Allow unknown file download” feature. Turn on the feature by turning it from disable to enable.
  • After that, run the installer by clicking the apk file. The installation will begin, and the installation will progress.
  • Soon the app will be installed, and you are ready to use it.


Do Days After MOD APK is the multiplayer game?

Yes. The Days After MOD APK is a multiplayer game. It supports team building to fight with the zombies. You will form your military base camp where all the players will enter the game to fight with the zombie’s attack.

Do I have to pay for using the Days After MOD APK?

No. The mod apk version of the Days after is entirely free. No need to pay for the service. Install the game, and it is ready to use.


Days After MOD APK is beyond the traditional multiplayer battlefield game. Players work together to bring joy while fighting with an enemy force. You have everything that you need to meet the game skill.

Every new level in the game will bring challenges you have never experienced before. Get the desired weapons, build your team, find the resources and stay alert because zombies can attack from all directions. Stand still until your last breath and fight for survival.

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