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DataExplorer 3.5.1 (GPL)

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Data collector and analyzer for devices with serial data or USB port that helps you gather information, generate statistics, and work with digital and analog displays

DataExplorer is a professional software application designed specifically for helping you collect, analyze and view information from devices with a serial port or other CSV-like or USB port. It works with data loggers, measurement and charging devices, or other similar ones in order to gather measurement data, present it graphically, and generate comprehensive statistics.

User interface

The tool adopts a multi-tabbed layout where various pieces of information are placed at your fingertips, such as graphs, statistics, tables, file comments and object characteristics.

At the bottom of the main window you can check out the serial communication status, like connected, receiving and transmitting, progress of long operations, as well as warning messages or measurement results.

History, importing and exporting options

DataExplorer reveals a list a list with the last used fields (maximum 10 entries), and lets you import/export data from/to CSV file format with absolute or raw details, as well as print the information. GPS data can be exported to KMLZ file format and launched with Google Earth.

Working with graph data and devices

The tool gives you the possibility to zoom in or out of the generated graph, copy the graph to the clipboard, apply various graphics templates according to the device and channel configuration, and hide or show graphics header and data set comment.

What’s more, you can jump to the next or previous device in the list, and open the device properties editor to adapt device properties.

Statistics and other collected pieces of information

DataExplorer is able to provide statistics about the measurement data (e.g. voltage, current, power, energy, velocity), unit, minimum and average info, and standard deviation. Tables record information about the time, voltage, power, and energy.

Digital and analog view modes, cell voltage and curve parameters

You can check out the digital view mode that reveals the actual measurement values while data is being captured or switch to the analog view with active measurements.

The cell voltage recording parameters can be applied for the Lithium battery cells charger. The voltage values are revealed with the aid of bar graphs. There’s also support for curve comparison options that show the collected curves of a battery over a time period where the battery gets used.

Configuration settings

DataExplorer lets you set up several general parameters related to time format, data path, file saving, CSV separators, blacklists and whitelists, graphics (e.g. draw scale baseline, name, and scale numbers in record color), data table optimization, and charging devices. Plus, you can register MIME type, create link files and check resource consumption, as well as set up the debug logging level.

A powerful data collector and analyzer for various devices

All in all, DataExplorer comes with an advanced suite of features for helping you analyze and collect information that comes from serial data or USB port devices, and is suitable especially for professionals.

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