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Dash Quest Mod APK 2.9.26 (Unlimited gold)

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Tae - 06/04/2022

Download Dash Quest Mod APK Latest Version free for Android. Rush through hordes of enemies at the speed of light, destroying everything in your way.

Learning how to play Dash Quest is incredibly simple. The game mixes elements of RPG, Action, Runner and even Idle games, all in one. This makes an addicting and satisfying experience all throughout your runs.\


Basically, you will need to create the best warrior to rush through enemy hordes. Each level will have you demolishing enemies as you continue on your path. Depending on your own resources, you may or may not last very long.

Your character can access different powers and abilities depending on what items they use. In the end, you can decide what works best for your own style, whether you like to continuously attack, or let the game play itself.

Game Modes

Game modes are also available, based on what you’re interested in playing at the time. You can choose between an endless mode or the story mode of the game.


First, you can try out the Campaign of Dash Quest. Here, there are set levels with bosses to test your power. Rush through hordes of grunts and underlings, until you finally reach the big baddy at the end. Sounds easy enough to understand.

The Endless Mode is used to truly test yourself. How long can you last in this game mode? Make sure to customize your skills and abilities in the best way possible before trying the mode out.

Dash Quest Features

On another note, there are still many features to look forward to while enjoying your run. Dash Quest has a fair share of aspects and mechanics to understand in order to completely master the endless run.

So, here are all of the features worth noting, before you play:

  • The fun Endless Run genre has been improved upon with addicting action RPG elements. The final result, a super-satisfying gameplay experience that cannot be forgotten.
  • Fight against some of the most epic of bosses at the end of each dungeon. Can you handle their might?
  • The upgrade system is fully customizable and easy to understand. You’ll have fun without worrying about an overly-complex RPG system.
  • On that note, there is a Prestige system present within the game. As you continue to rank up, you will be granted rewards to commemorate your own growth.
  • The Adventure Mode is full of different treasures and levels integrated into a full world map. Try it out for yourself!
  • Also, there are pets, which can be used and adjusted with accessories to add some style to your runs.
  • Additionally, try the Hero Mode for a spike in difficulty. This is where player who truly want a challenge end up going to test out their own skills. Are you one of these brave warriors looking for a worthy challenge?
  • On another note, the game is updated every day with new challenges and rewards. Log in on a regular basis to stay on track and earn even more items.
  • Continue to play though the game and you’ll gradually earn more and more achievements. Try to collect them all.

These features are just scratching the surface of all the various aspects waiting to be discovered. Go ahead and download Dash Quest for Android to fully experience it all with your own eyes and hands.


If you’re a fan of retro style graphics, then you’ll be glad to hear what comes next. Dash quest uses these graphics to represent its game. Everything is in HD and pixelated in this old school style.

The blend of old and new quality makes the overall visuals both fresh and nostalgic at the same time.

Dash Quest Mod APK Free Download

Don’t forget to choose the Dash Quest Mod APK Latest Version as the go to option to download. With this adaption, you’ll have inclusions to the game, that you wouldn’t find in the original.


With this, you can instantly buy all of the different tools that would’ve otherwise need to be grinded to obtain.

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