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CurseBreaker 3.18.3 (Donationware)

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Make sure that your World of Warcraft addons are up to date and you are using the latest versions using this simple and straightforward app

What's new in CurseBreaker 3.18.3:

Development version of ElvUI now use new universal release

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Even though Blizzard attempted to integrate numerous extra features players need in World of Warcraft, the truth is that they are not enough. Whether you want to be competitive in PVE, get a high rating in arena, place your items conveniently at the auction house or customize the chat so you do not miss out on important things, you rely on addons.

CurseBreaker is a tiny, open-source tool that provides a simpler way to determine whether your WoW addons are out of date. While it can be argued that there are mods for this included in full customized user interfaces, the tool takes little space and is less demanding on your resources.

Place the tool inside the WoW directory

You can get started by downloading and placing the utility in the directory that contains the executable for the game. You will be happy to learn that the tool works with both World of Warcraft Retail and the Classic version. If you are commonly downloading your addons from CurseForge, then you can use the uri_integration command to enable the integration with the page.

According to the developer, addons that are already installed are not recognized by the tool, so you need to reinstall all of them. On the other hand, the process can be automated partially via the import command. You should know that the addons are not deleted completely and backups are created in the WTF directory.

Some updates still need to be applied in-game

It is important to note that for certain scripts or addons such as WeakAuras or Plater, the updates still need to be applied manually from their corresponding option menus. At the same time, the tool does not work with addons that need to be installed outside of the Interface\Addons directory.

Lastly, another limitation of CurseBreaker is that it does not support all WoWInterface addon categories. Because these utilities are not handled by their API, they cannot be installed.

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