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Cryptainer LE (Freemium)

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A simple application designed to provide users with a 128 bit file and disk encryption utility, enabling them to protect sensitive their sensitive data

Cryptainer LE is a reliable software utility designed to protect your sensitive information by using a 128 bit encryption method. The application can encrypt files or even an entire disk, thus preventing the access of unauthorized individuals.

Cryptainer LE relies on the Blowfish algorithm, efficiently securing your documents. This in turn makes it very difficult for anyone who does not have the proper password to access and manipulate your files.

In order to protect your data, Cryptainer LE creates a password-protected 'vault' that you can use to place your files in. The 'vault' is perceived by your computer as any other drive, so you can simply drag and drop documents inside it, ensuring instant protection.

The files protected with Cryptainer LE can only be viewed, accessed and changed if you have the proper password, otherwise being invisible. When you unmount the volume or exit the program, the 'vault' becomes invisible even to your operating system.

Cryptainer LE enables you to create similar volume files on any type of removable storage devices (CDs, USBs, memory cards) so you can protect your data anytime, anywhere. This way, losing your USB drive does not put you at risk of having your information wrongly used.

Additionally, this tool allows you to create and send encrypted email messages, ensuring that your private correspondence cannot be read by people other than the intended recipient.

For your full protection, Cryptainer LE does not contain any back doors, so forgetting your password means there is no way of recovering it, other than remembering it yourself.

Cryptainer LE is a great program that tries to meet the growing need for privacy and self-protection. The strong encryption method along with the storage flexibility make it a useful tool for anyone wishing for a better means of protecting themselves against prying eyes.

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