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CrossFTP 1.99.8 (Demo)

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Powerful FTP client and synchronization tool that provides support for additional protocols and provides a double-sided interface for easy file management

What's new in CrossFTP 1.99.8:

Support 'Keep Date' for all protocols (Sites -> Site Manager -> Actions -> Keep Date). Fixes a Site Manager saving issue.

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Based on Java, CrossFTP Pro is designed as a cross-platform FTP client that can accommodate both beginner users and more experienced ones.

Classic interface

It comes wrapped in a very simple user interface that presents the remote and local file repositories in a classical manner.

Getting to any location is achieved quickly and there is the possibility to store favorite paths as bookmarks for reaching them fast. On the same note, the program keeps a history of the recently accessed locations and includes tab support for working with multiple folders at the same time.

Plenty of options under the hood

Unlike other FTP clients, CrossFTP Pro is capable of scheduling transfer operations for a list of selected entries; furthermore, the process can be set to run recurrently. This way should there be any modifications in the target locations they are immediately uploaded to the remote folder.

The application brings to the table a hefty set of tools and among them is the possibility to run a synchronization routine between a remote and a local folder. Also available are options for splitting and merging files as well as verifying the CRC checksums of the selected items.

The list of features present in the product is pretty impressive as apart from connecting to FTP servers it can also be used to get files from Amazon S3 on-demand storage, Google Cloud Storage or Amazon Glacier.

There are encryption options for the data to be protected before it leaves the client in order to keep it safe from prying eyes.


As expected, CrossFTP Pro includes all the basic functionality a regular user requires from such software but it also combines powerful features so that experienced users can use it for advanced operations.

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSION30-day trial (turns back to free version after 30 days) Nag screen Missing features in free edition: S3/Distribution URL sign Multi-part Upload S3 Website config File Mime-Type ACL/Permission Setting Metadata/HTTP Header Setting S3 Logging Bucket Policy Editor CloudFront Invalidation Pub/Private Distribution DevPay Requester Pay WebDAV(s) iDisk FXP SFTP/SSH FTP Implicit SSl, and FTP Explicit TLS/SSL Multi-Thread Enigne Edit Anywhere Synchronization Schedule Proxy Sync-Browsing Speed Limit Remote File Search Local Encryption Gzip Compression CrossFTP Commander Site-local-Site transfer Email Notification SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSJava 1.4 or higher

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