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December 15, 2021 (4 mins ago)
Cross DJ Pro
Music & Audio
FREE $8.99
Android 4.4

Cross DJ Pro APK is professional music mixing application on mobile. With just a few taps right on your smartphone, you can create your own high-quality tunes.

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Introduce about Cross DJ Pro

Professional music mixing tool on mobile with many fast, powerful, and convenient features

Do you want to be part of the trend?

EDM is always the trend of the times. Not only can you listen to vibrant EDM songs full of melodies and colors from famous DJs, but you can also create complete digital tracks and enjoy your own tunes.

Cross DJ Pro for Android 1440x810

There are also many music mixers on mobile, but to be professional and long-term use, with the manufacturer’s indefinite commitment, only Cross DJ Pro is currently available.

What is Cross DJ Pro?

Cross DJ Pro is professional music mixing app on a smartphone platform. You can mix music, do all kinds of manipulations with all the sounds you want, with just simple and quick operations. The finished product also meets the standards of sound quality and stability.

With Cross DJ Pro, you can mix different songs into a flawless mix with a range of professional tools, effects, loops, and trimmers like on a computer. Let’s take a look at the outstanding advantages of Cross DJ Pro to see that we have many reasons to download this amazing app to use.

Add music easily

You can add music to Cross DJ Pro from a variety of sources to mix such as from your phone’s library, from your Android devices, or directly from SoundCloud.

Organize the music library in a scientific and easy-to-see way

Before proceeding to mix music, it is extremely necessary to systematize the available songs, both to save you time searching, and to create more harmonious mixes because of the same genre or same original music style.

Cross DJ Pro APK free download 1440x810

When downloading the app, thanks to the intelligent mechanism, it can accurately recognize the BPM (Beats Per Minute) index to decimals and more detailed information in the music tracks. This index is used to get the number of beats for each song and help the music mixing process take place smoothly and reasonably. You can instantly use Cross DJ Pro to proactively organize and systematize your tracks (or from SoundCloud sources), by BPM, title, artist, or album.

Edit the audio output

It’s not enough to create a quality sound for mixed products, Cross DJ Pro also helps users to deeply intervene in the feel of the sound by allowing you to edit the audio output. That is, instead of just hearing the sound coming from the two headphones, as usual, you can switch to sound isolation mode in the left or right ear to better feel every sound detail in the song.

The powerful separation feature in this Cross DJ Pro will help you hear each of the previous components’ tunes with clarity and detail, thereby making decisions on how to best mix.

Reliable music sync tool

Cross DJ Pro is very strong in the ability to sync music. With just one or two touches, you can mix two tracks on a harmonious synchronization platform. Cross DJ Pro’s automatic sync feature is also highly stable and never out of phase. The process of synchronizing two or more songs on Cross DJ Pro will happen quickly and completely automatically, you just need to wait a few seconds and receive the desired results.

If you don’t want to use the automatic synchronization feature, Cross DJ Pro will immediately have a tool to help you edit the exact beat grid to manually synchronize your tracks just the way you want.

Even if the finished product is not quite what you have in mind, you can still edit it with the wide range of transition effects or loops available in the Cross DJ Pro library.

Get lots of support before mixing music

In addition to detailed identification of the parameters in each audio input to prepare to mix, Cross DJ Pro also provides a series of small features to support users before actually mixing them. For example, you can automatically change the BPM without affecting the overall melody of the song to mix songs with different BPMs. Or you can use the Autogain feature to automatically balance the volume level of two or more tracks for better and more accurate auto-syncing.

Cross DJ Pro has amazing loops and editing effects

As I mentioned above, when the automatic mixing song is finished, if there is still something wrong with your intentions, you can completely continue to use the music editing effects available in the application to further edit it. For example, you can customize the pitch range manually (4 to 100%), change the tempo of the melody in each phase of the song, manually correct the pitch below by editing the forms of Parallel waves are displayed according to the melody of the song.

Cross DJ Pro on APKMODY 1440x810

The loops in Cross DJ Pro are also very diverse such as 16 to 1/32, slip loops, 16 large hot-cues pads. There are so many loops for you to customize and use for your audio files.

After mixing the tracks and having the desired product, Cross DJ Pro will automatically record the mixes, allowing users to save them in many different formats and share on social networking platforms like SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter.

The audio performance in Cross DJ Pro will impress you

Cross DJ Pro has many specialized features that normally if you want to use it, you will have to spend a good amount of money to buy the corresponding application to use. But with Cross DJ Pro, everything is completely free with no ads. The following excellent features related to Audio FX processing in Cross DJ Pro can be mentioned, such as Hi & Low-Pass, Echo, Delay, Flanger, Chopper, Roll, Phaser, Brake…

In addition, Cross DJ Pro also has some notable extra features such as multi-channel audio for USB-compatible multi-channel soundcards, standard DJ setup: 2 decks, Cue / Play / Sync buttons, and MIDI Controller: Pioneer DDJ-WeGO1 & 2, Mixvibes U-Mix…

Download Cross DJ Pro APK free for Android

In short, Cross DJ Pro is a professional music mixing tool on mobile with many fast, powerful, convenient features. This app supports users from every step since saving songs, pre-processing before mixing music, mixing by automatic or manual modes. Moreover, it has lots of effects to help you edit your tracks. If you want to create your own unique EDM tunes, let’s download Cross DJ Pro to use.

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