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Criminal Case: Supernatural Investigations

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Updated on April 13, 2022

Criminal Case: Supernatural Investigations MOD APK is a crime-solving game with the theme of supernatural cases. You will transform into a member of the supernatural hunter squad to find clues and catch the killer in the most macabre cases.

Introduce about Criminal Case: Supernatural Investigations

Join the team of supernatural hunters to solve a series of murder cases.

Solve the mysterious cases

Cases of supernatural nature have not been explained by science until now. Most of them are still shrouded in mystery with no answers. And while we wait for humanity to find the answers, there’s been a lot of twists around these stories. That is also the reason why they have become bizarre, increasingly mysterious, and spread by many people into urban anecdotes.

An ordinary murder or burglary in the city for you to show off your detective skills like Sherlock Holmes is sometimes not enough. People always want to challenge themselves in difficult mysterious events full of magic. Surely a mysterious case involving witches, vampires, or suspects with a strange appearance as if hiding some terrifying supernatural secret always attracts public attention. Even if you don’t do it directly, it still attracts a lot of attention. Here, in Criminal Case: Supernatural Investigations, you are the one who directly investigates and solves these cases.

If you are interested in supernatural cases in the world and have also learned many times about the unimaginable phenomena happening around us, you will love playing Criminal Case: Supernatural Investigations.


Criminal Case: Supernatural Investigations allow you to transform into a member of a squad of supernatural hunters, specializing in investigating cases of supernatural nature.

Connect with your own supernatural knowledge, investigate the crime scene, search for clues, find all the suspicious characters or have been witnesses… All to accomplish the big goal, especially to find the solution to the massacres, and disappearances, and find out the real culprit behind these mysterious cases.


In this game, there are many different causes. To know the truth, you need to overcome the classic Hidden Object challenges, Solve logic puzzles and Find the absurd in complex images. After completing a challenge, you will also be the one to synthesize all these pieces of information and data together to track down the real culprit.

The job sounds pretty simple. But actually, you have a lot to do in Criminal Case: Supernatural Investigations. First, you need to focus as much as possible on the crime scene locations, which are the sole base to track everything. This is commonplace for Find Hidden Object puzzles and finds logic puzzles in pictures. Pass them and you will get the Stars.

Next, the clues will be in the Lab, where you’ll use the stars to run tests. Face logical questions and race against time to verify clues from the scene.

In the next step, you will receive support from the police and local government agencies to review and focus on suspects. Clues from the lab and the scene will help you narrow down the suspect.

The previously obtained clues, explanations (justifications), or confessions from the suspects will help you find the point of absurdity in the testimonies. Finally, you can again compact the data and find out the true culprit.

Criminal Case: Supernatural Investigations currently has 5 cases, each case is a case, a different type of supernatural case. Promise it will take you a long time to solve it.

Coins and Energy

Criminal Case: Supernatural Investigations offers two currencies to the player during the puzzle process: Coins and Energy. Coins can be obtained from each clue collection and can be used to upgrade the avatar of the character you are incarnating. Energy is used to explore crime scenes to collect clues and collect stars. Energy recharges in real-time and you need 20 energy units to do a puzzle.

The stars will continue to be used to follow the clues. For example, when you are doing some research in the lab or talking to a suspect, you will spend stars doing it. Stars can only be earned by exploring scenes.

Overall rating

In general, the game is quite beautiful and has many good sound effects. The quirky plot has a lot of things to explore, especially when the theme is tied to a dramatic supernatural theme. The background and objects are designed in detail, vividly, with both a modern feel and something quite mysterious to honor the theme of the game.

The plot is exciting, with many interesting details, quite goosebumps, especially when witnessing the crime scene and when discovering the blatant lies of the suspects. The plot and the cases are probably the most impressive things in this game.

You will also love how you can create avatars for characters, changing small details like skin, hair, and clothes. The more coins you have, the more chances you have to upgrade your character.

MOD APK version of Criminal Case: Supernatural Investigations

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Criminal Case: Supernatural Investigations APK & MOD for Android

Join a team of supernatural hunters to solve a series of strange murders, investigate crime scenes for clues, bring in suspects for questioning and analyze evidence to catch the killer. Are you ready to step into an amazing adventure?

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