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Crash Bandicoot Mod APK 1.130.36 (God mode)

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Ora Hart - 28/10/2021

Do you love the Crash Bandicoot games? You’ll enjoy Crash Bandicoot today which is a runner game. In here, you’ll fight powerful enemies and save the world!

The first Crash Bandicoot game was released in 1996 and it was a smash hit for decades. Today, there are a lot of games that have been made and this franchise is still being revived. Meet Crash Bandicoot, a runner game that was published by King and is quickly making its name renowned again. This time, you’ll enjoy this game in a format similar to popular ones such as Temple Run. Play with classic characters and foil the plans of Dr. Neo Cortex of destroying the multiverse!

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If you love the original series, you’ll get to enjoy the same one here. Unlock and play as Crash and Coco and customize them with N.Sane Skins! There are a lot of weapons you can build so you can fight against Dr. Neo Cortex and his army. Here, you must save the multiverse by running, jumping, dodging, spinning and smashing through obstacles!

A Classic 3D Game

Back in the 90s, the gaming world was still developing but there were already a lot of 3D games that were being introduced. But one of the most successful game titles back then was Crash Bandicoot. This game introduced a 3D running gameplay that was revolutionary back then. Today, almost all games are in 3D but you can still play the franchise through Crash Bandicoot. This new Android game is similar to popular titles such as Temple Run, Sonic Dash and more.

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However, in this game, you can play the classic characters of Coco and Crash and you can even unlock new skins! Enjoy running through different and exotic locations all to stop Dr. Neo Cortex and his plans of domination! Go back to the past and enjoy locations such as the Temple Ruins, Turtle Woods, and the Great Gate. Fight against the most dangerous opponents such as Dongodile, Dr N-Gin, Nina Cortex, Fake Crash and Coco and many more.

You can also participate in multiplayer runs and team up for greater rewards. Challenge others and fight with friends now!

Crash Bandicoot Highlights

Do you love the Crash Bandicoot franchise? Relive this fun game today and play with a brand-new game complete with 3D graphics.

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The Original 3D Runner – If you’re someone who was born in the 80’s or 90’s, then you must have played this franchise before. It’s one of the most popular games in these decades as it has had numerous success for a long time. Now, the cast is back for more action and running in this fun Android runner. Here, you get to play as Crash and Coco, unlock many looks, and save the multiverse! There are many fun locations to run around the enemies to fight.

You can create your weapons here, pick up fruits, dodge obstacles and fight bosses. Ultimately, you’ll need to foil the plans of Doctor Neo Cortex and save the multiverse from destruction. To do this, you’ll need to run, jump, dodge, spin, and smash different obstacles in your way. Enjoy the classic locations such as the Turtle Woods and many more. There are more fun to be experience this time around as you run in this game!

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Run Through Obstacles – Your main objective in here is to just run through different obstacles and collect fruits as well as dodge obstacles. There are many locations that you’ll run in and you’ll enjoy the designs and difficulty of each one. More importantly, there are a lot of boxes and enemies that will stand in your way as you annihilate Dr. Neo’s henchmen. To complete the levels, you can run, jump, dodge, spin and smash anything in your way.

Exotic Locations – There are many fun and exotic locations that await you in Crash Bandicoot. Have fun in the classic maps such as The Great Gate, Temple Ruins and Turtle Woods. There are also others such as the Sewer or Later and Snow Go Mountain where a great deal of challenges awaits. In here there are unique enemies that you’ll face throughout and you’ll use your wit and skills to fight all of them.

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Classic Characters – Play as Crash and Coco in this game and unlock tons of skins! Choose your look from a huge selection today and have fun playing. Moreover, you’ll fight with classic villains that have been summoned from other dimensions. Aside from the ultimate one which is Dr. Neo Cortex, you’ll face Fake Crash and Coco, Dingodile, Nina Cortex and many more. Prevent them from stealing the Power Gems and save the worlds!

Download Crash Bandicoot Mod APK – God mode

Have fun with the classic Crash Bandicoot today and unlock many skins. Run and save the multiverse from the evil Dr. Neo Cortex!

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