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Updated on April 28, 2022

CPU X MOD APK is an app that helps display complete information on the CPU hardware of the mobile device being used for you to understand more details of the mobile or tablet computer and make a more appropriate upgrade and change decisions when needed.

Introduce about CPU X

Showing various diagnostic information for your phones!

You are wanting to know the exact capabilities, performance, and CPU line of the mobile device you are using, but it is completely impossible to check it from the outside. Viewing catalogs or product information online is not accurate sometimes. The best way is to find a tool that shows accurate mobile device hardware information like CPU X.

What is CPU X?

CPU X is an app that displays most of the complete information about the device, such as processor, core, speed, model, ram, camera, sensor…

You can view these details about your phone/tablet or other Android smartphones. From there, you can know the accuracy of the information that the seller is providing, and discuss with like-minded technology enthusiasts around the world to exchange ideas and share knowledge. Or simply to understand more about the phone you are using every day.

Hardware parameter display

Smartphones have reached the level of a miniature laptop computer. Their hardware structure is now much more complex than that of the previous classic mobile generation. And without one place to list all those parameters, you certainly can’t know all the details about your device’s hardware.

You can look it up on the product’s website or from the specifications provided by the seller. But can you be sure that everything is correct, especially for used smartphones?

CPU X will help you reduce this insecurity. Just select the Show Device Specifications feature in this app, you will get the most complete information about your device like processor, core, speed, model, ram, camera, censor…

Not only the hardware deep inside, through CPU X, you can also check the device functions such as Screen, Multi-touch, Ear speaker, Speaker, Microphone, Vibration feature, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Fingerprint, Volume Button, Flashlight, Headphone Jack, and Charging Port.

All in one measuring tool

CPU X also provides you with a series of precise linear scales for measuring distances (cm, inches…) and acts as a mini Compass when needed by taking advantage of the magnetic sensor in the device. You can also view Bubble Level to see if a surface is leveling in a horizontal plane.

News and forums

CPU X has a separate corner for technology news, where you can view the latest information and articles about technology.

Many people have the same interest in smartphone hardware as you. CPU X can help you connect with this community through a Forum dedicated to asking and answering in-depth mobile and tablet technical questions.

MOD APK version of CPU X

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

Download CPU X APK & MOD for Android

CPU X is a small app that takes up almost no space, with no impact on battery life. But it will help you a lot in knowing about the hardware you are using, along with a series of other useful features. This is an app that should be included in your device if you are interested in learning and learning more about mobile hardware.

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