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Coursera – Game Theory 2022-10

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Game Theory is a comprehensive game theory course published by Coursera Online University. The theory is actually a mathematical model that was popularized by movies and documentaries such as A Beautiful Mind. The game theory tries to explain the strategic relationship and the mutual effect of logical and illogical factors in the form of a simple mathematical model. This theory has gone far beyond conventional games such as chess, poker and football, and it can be used for modeling among different nations, different political factions in a country, competition between law firms and analyzing the behavior of investors and investors. Prices. Interest financial markets.

In addition to all the mentioned cases, game theory can be used to model peer-to-peer file sharing networks and auctions without considering the incentives of the users of each of them.

What you will learn in Game Theory

  • Game theory and its various applications in various disciplines
  • reverse inference
  • Bayesian game
  • Different approaches to problem solving
  • Different games and strategies
  • Extended form of the game
  • Random game and repetitive game
  • And …

Course Specifications

Publisher: Coursera
Instructors: Matthew O. Jackson, Kevin Leyton-Brown and Yoav Shoham
Language: English
Level: Beginner
institution/university: Stanford University & The University of British Columbia
Number of Weeks: 8
Duration: Approx. 18 hours to complete

Courses included:

Week 1

Week 1: Introduction and Overview

Week 2

Week 2: Mixed-Strategy Nash Equilibrium

Week 3

Week 3: Alternate Solution Concepts

Week 4

Week 4: Extensive-Form Games

Week 5

Week 5: Repeated Games

Week 6

Week 6: Bayesian Games

Week 7

Week 7: Coalitional Games

Week 8

Week 8: Final Exam

Game Theory Prerequisites



Game Theory

Game Theory Introduction Video

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