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Corner Bowl Server Manager (Trial)

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Straightforward and advanced software that helps you manage your networks, while offering support event log management options in real-time, security event reports, application, resource, and disk monitoring features, as well as various types of alerts

What's new in Corner Bowl Server Manager

Fixed SQL Server Bug: Previously on some locales, such as example German and Portuguese, Server Manager was unable to save log entries due to a date/time format issue. In German, the following error would display, "Bei der Konvertierung eines varchar-Datentyps in einen datetime-Datentyp liegt der Wert außerhalb des gültigen Bereichs." This bug has been fixed.

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Corner Bowl Server Manager is a comprehensive software application whose purpose is to help system administrators consolidate, archive, and monitor logs (Windows event, Syslog, and text logs), create reports, and keep an eye on system resources.

Plus, you may track and control applications and services (websites, email servers, databases, Windows services and processes), as well as monitor changes applied to the Windows registry, SSL and digital certificate expiration and validity, disk and directory, and Internet connectivity and throughput.

Straightforward layout

You are welcomed by a multi-tabbed interface that provides quick access to the Server Manager Dashboard, which displays system summary information, error reports, running monitoring tasks, running reports, event log, and Syslog summary.

It also offers support for a step-by-step approach when it comes to setting up the service credentials, email parameters, and database configuration. Additional settings allow you to tweak Active Directory connections, Syslog server, web server, WMI (authentication level and block size), proxy, as well as port, bind address, and encryption options.

Main features

Corner Bowl Server Manager gives you the possibility to add computer, devices, and hosts using different methods, such as browse network or Active Directory, map computer, device, or host, or select the local host.

Once you have added the PCs that you want to monitor, you can create and assign Templates, which represent different types of actions that can be applied to one or more hosts. The tool offers support for several preset templates, such as HTTP (sends an email alert when any assigned website is down), Defragment Disks, Delete Temporary Files, Synchronize Clock, CPU, and many others.

What’s more, you can make the application generate reports by scheduling the entire task. The summarized data from the reports can exported to HTML or sent via email.

You can automatically monitor new servers and workstations. The tool is able to scans the Active Directory tree or targeted organizational unit (OU) for computers and filters the PCs with the aid of advanced parameters (e.g. operating system contains Server) and exclusion lists.

There’s also support for a wide range of alerts and notifications. For example, when monitoring log entries, the tool writes each filtered log entry to a user-defined database table, and you can also make the utility restart, stop, or start a Windows Service, and write a message to any Syslog server.

When it comes to batch processing, you are allowed to update computers, devices, and hosts, assign computers to a group, delete items, update templates, assign templates to a group, update reports, and others.

An excellent monitoring app

All in all, Corner Bowl Server Manager proves to be a reliable application that comprises all the necessary tools for helping you manage your networks. Taken into consideration that it offers support for event log management options in real-time, security event reports, application, resource, and disk monitoring features (e.g. disk space utilization, CPU and memory usage), and various types of alerts, this tool can handle both and small enterprises.

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