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CorelCAD 2021

CorelCAD 2021 The professional, affordable and simplified CAD software. Experience a simplified CAD workflow using the professional, time-saving tools in CorelCAD™ 2021. Collaboration is straightforward with full native .DWG file format support. Leverage the improved 2D drafting functionality, advanced 3D modeling tools, and .STL support to elevate design efficiency and optimize output.

CAD software

Professional 2D drafting and 3D design tools
Industry-standard file compatibility with .DWG, .STL, .PDF, and .CDR*
Time-saving collaboration and project sharing
Optional automation and customization

Features of CorelCAD 2021

Conceptualize quickly
Empower yourself with CorelCAD, an incredibly robust set of design tools developed expressly for design professionals. Conceptualize, plan, draft, layout, and edit with the help of a number one computer aided design software on the market. With an expansive feature set, your 2D drawings will close expertly.

Transform with ease
Arm yourself with a complicated CAD program designed to make 3D special effects , effortlessly. Experience a quick transformation process, from 2D designs into three-dimensional graphics, in only a couple of clicks. Feel confident that you’ll achieve results fast with CorelCAD; delivering to specifications, project parameters and industry standards.

Output with accuracy
CorelCAD 2021 Elevate your work with a robust tool for text, graphics, and tactile outputs. CorelCAD’s full feature set manages nearly any technical design task, making collaborations with colleagues, classmates, or stakeholders a breeze. 3D printing is straightforward with .STL support for 3D printers or output connection.

Execute efficiently
Tackle projects head-on with CorelCAD, for precise results on time, whenever . With the newest AutoCAD, full native, .DWG file format support, designers can collaborate seamlessly. CAD software aligns with any working environment, leveraging incredible customization and automation support options for the simplest user experience.

New in CorelCAD 2021:

Note: Release 2021 can read and write DWG files up to the newest version of this format (R2018). an equivalent applies to DXF (Drawing eXchange Format) files, which store unencrypted drawing database contents.

Edit Spline.
Modifies the parameters and properties of Splines or converts spline-fit Polylines to Splines.

Converts dynamic blocks from a DWG file into CustomBlocks.

CorelCAD 2021 Displays the Drawing Compare palette which allows you to visually compare two drawings and identify changes that occurred from one version of the drawing to a different . HideDrawingCompare hides the palette.

Drawing History.
Displays the Version Manager palette. allows you to compare the present drawing with previously saved versions maintained by a supported Cloud Storage. HideDrawingHistory hides the palette.

Creates section, elevation, and plan drawings from a BIM model.

BIM Annotation.
Annotates BIM elements in BIM drawings to supply detail information.

BIM Edit Annotation.
Lets you edit annotations that you simply created for BIM elements during a BIM drawing.

BIM Material Mapper.
Displays the fabric Mapper palette which allows you to map BIM material names to the fabric available within the BIM Drawings Materials Styles Library.

Drawing Sheet Sets.
The Sheet Set Manager palette groups the functionalities for creating, organizing, and managing drawing sheets within a drawing sheet set.

Model Background Color.
CorelCAD 2021 Lets you specify the background color for the graphics area.

Controls the looks of Windows dialog boxes, like Open and Save.

Import STLasMesh command.
Imports stereolithography files (STL) and inserts the contained geometry as subdivision mesh objects (SubDMeshes) into the drawing.

AppCast command.
Displays notifications about Service Packs and Updates for the appliance during a panel .

New Features:

Associative Patterns.
Entities within associative patterns retain their relationships. Associative patterns allow you to edit them within the ir entirety rather than changing the individual items in the pattern. The Pattern command has been extended to permit you to make associative linear, circular, and path patterns. The new Edit Pattern command allows you to modify the form and appearance of associative patterns. you’ll also edit associative patterns using specific EntityGrips and therefore the Properties palette. Checking spelling as you type. allows you to check the spelling of text entities as you type, both for SimpleNotes and for Notes.

Modified Features and Commands:
Spline command enhancements. Splines are often defined either with fit points, or with control vertices. Accordingly, you’ll apply two corresponding methods. The implementation of the Control Vertices method lets specify control points, not fit points through which the Spline passes.

New options of the Spline command include:
Fit points method, Knots option. Determines the tactic wont to fuse the curves between consecutive fit points within a Spline. Control vertices method, Degree option. Specifies the degree for subsequent Spline constructions. you’ll create Splines of degree 1 (linear), degree 2 (quadratic), degree 3 (cubic), then on up to degree 10. Print panel redesigned. Additional options available on the most panel rather than a subdialog.

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Title: CorelCAD 2021.0 Build
Developer: Corel
License: Shareware
Language: Multilingual

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