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Cookie Run: Puzzle World

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Cookie Run Puzzle World MOD APK cover

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October 25, 2021 (13 seconds ago)
Cookie Run: Puzzle World
Devsisters Corporation
Many Moves, Auto Win, Boosters
Android 5.0

If you think that cookies have nothing to make a whole topic about it, then Cookie Run: Puzzle World MOD APK will make you think again.

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Let’s have joyful moments with cookies!

Every kid these days hums the English song about “Gingerbread man”, a dancing gingerbread cookie who wants to hide from the oven and dance like a hyperactive human being. Then one day it officially escaped from the oven, and from that moment, countless wonderful adventures began. This character does not only appear in the song and the evening story but also becomes an exciting topic in the game. Let’s see it in Cookie Run: Puzzle World!

Cookie Run: Puzzle World happens when one day you accidentally drop a bunch of cookies out of your oven. A magical world of cookies and colorful pets opens with a series of thrilling match 3 levels. The storyline revolves around cookies and a collection of fun pets. The sweetness increases with the jelly. Believe me, the simplicity and cuteness of this game will hold you back from day to day.

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What is the main challenge here? It is the traditional match-3 screens. But what needs to be matched is the jelly. The match table is colorful and looks delicious. The more jelly you match, the easier it is for you to create Cookie Boosters, which helps you to quickly finish the level, accumulate money, and go to the next level.

After each successful match 3, you will get points. The score to a certain level will open up a new or better cookie character, and the accompanying pet is also stronger. So, the vicious circle of Cookie Run: Puzzle World is about match 3, leveling up, accumulating a lot of money, spending money to buy new cookies and new pets. Then get stronger, level up faster, and get more money. Don’t be afraid to spend money to increase the number of cookies for yourself. Invest in one and earn up to ten.

In addition to the main task, Cookie Run: Puzzle World does not forget to give you a series of reward tasks. This game is generous as it continuously brings gifts to players. Through these mini-games, you will get a unique set of Cookies, earn a lot of money, and have many unique pets.

No matter what mode or mission we play in, our manipulation is just to touch and move the jelly so that they disappear when forming match 3 or even more. And you know what? Playing this game, just one hand is enough.

And as I mentioned above. With each type of cookie and accompanying pet, the cookie character will have the ability to give different colored jelly blocks. Accordingly, the ability to overcome level match 3 will also be different. The higher the character, the higher the speed and variety of the jelly blocks, the more the ability to level up. So, the higher you go, the more abilities you can collect.

If you do not want to play alone, you can join the Champions League to directly compete in match 3 with players from all over the world. The larger the gathering, the merrier. You can see countless different types of cookies in all shapes and sizes. As a result, the game is also much more exciting.

Graphics and images

Your first impression when playing Cookie Run: Puzzle World will be the color and shape of the character. They are just cute little cookies, sometimes a boy, sometimes a girly cookie with two tails. There are knight cookies, princess cookies, witch cookies, wrestler cookies, or monsters like Squid Ink, Dr. Wasabi, Wind Archer cookies… I’ve never seen so many highly entertaining cookies. Each type of cookie has different colors and weapons. They also hold a few cute pets such as monkeys, bears, dogs, and cats. Just like the owner, the pet is also chubby, with sparkling eyes always smiling. Just such a creation of the main character’s supporting pet is enough to laugh out loud.

The background music is happy and very smooth when the sound effects are so cute, not much but so sweet like the pretty gingerbread characters in the game. No complaints about the game’s sound at all.

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