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Cookie Run: Kingdom

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November 16, 2021 (5 seconds ago)
Cookie Run: Kingdom
Devsisters Corporation
Android 5.0

Playing Cookie Run: Kingdom APK is so much fun that you will one day think “Why do I keep playing mind-heavy games? Playing a game like it is the best fun”. The fun lasts forever in this sweet candy game I am about to talk about below.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Cookie Run: Kingdom
    1. Background
    2. Gameplay
    3. Fun but deep role-playing
  2. Download Cookie Run: Kingdom APK for Android

Confectionery warriors fight for the country!

With the strategy “Mobile game, play is fun”, Devsisters Corporation, a fairly famous Korean game developer, has won big on this platform with the series of games Cookie Run. Each game in the series has its own form, gameplay, and experience. Prominent among them must be Cookie Run: Kingdom.


The story is about the confectionery kingdom where the world’s sweetest and most delicious confectionery gathers. One day, the confectionery kingdom fell into a dangerous situation when facing the fierce attack of ugly monsters. The kingdom’s strongest heroes were all defeated by the fierce sieges of monsters. They grew stronger and stronger, and if nothing blocked their way, soon the whole kingdom would surely be engulfed in flames.

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You are the only warrior left, and the kingdom’s last hope. With your unyielding will, outstanding talent, and unyielding combat ability, you’ve gathered the kingdom’s best cookie warriors, set out to destroy monsters and rebuild the ruined kingdom. The responsibility of regenerating the kingdom, bringing peace and happy life to the people in the kingdom is heavy on you and the warriors.


“Sweet but no less dramatic. Brilliant but also not lacking in wild, fierce moments”, it will be your feeling when playing Cookie Run: Kingdom, from the first screen. You are a talented leader who is searching, gathering talents, training, and guiding your heroes on the way to destroy monsters in every corner of the kingdom.

Cookie Run: Kingdom takes you through many vast lands across the confectionery kingdom. Each land will encounter a series of powerful beasts and finally close with a super-giant boss. The general rule is that if you win this area, you can unlock the next area. So, you can only go forward, there is no way back.

Besides the main task of gathering warriors, fighting to destroy monsters, Cookie Run: Kingdom also offers hundreds of attached tasks. Whether it is difficult or easy depends on the level. Sometimes it’s just choosing a kind of upgrade for your character, sometimes it’s special missions that appear as special seasonal events for you to have a chance to hunt for new items and characters. But sometimes the “attachment” consumes a lot of energy when forcing you to face a huge monster with terrifying power, different from the bosses you encounter in each scene.

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In addition to fighting, the leader in Cookie Run: Kingdom must also be able to build. It wasn’t enough to just fight all day long. Once the monsters are repelled, they would attack in another way, wherever they enter, they wreak havoc. So, you have to both fight and reconstruct the kingdom. So that once the monsters are defeated, the country will also have a chance to be fresh and prosperous again in the shortest time. This construction process is divided into many different works. Each building serves a specific function. Like the weapon casting area, the production area of the equipment to upgrade the warriors, the resource mining area for the kingdom. Construction must be carried out in parallel with combat. If the speed of construction keeps up, upgrading the warriors is smoother and quicker. If you get good weapons, good equipment fast enough, the chances of winning are also increased.

Fun but deep role-playing

This Battle RPG has an impressive cast of warriors. It is great not only because of the cute and colorful looks of the confectioners but also because of the extraordinary strength each character possesses. Each warrior will have different pros and cons. And with the same role-playing principles as classic RPG games, we will have different classes for the entire cast of the game’s characters:

  • Warrior class: They have good attack ability, usually at the top of the squad. They specialize in close attacks, melee attacks with high physical damage. Pros: lots of blood.
  • Gunners: They are confectionery heroes who can expertly use guns, bows, and crossbows. They specialize in long-range attacks and can make high damage in a short time. Cons: Less flexibility and less blood.
  • Mage: They can cast the spell and make massive damage. During a battle, the mage will help his teammates create effects or formations in their favor and effectively surround the enemy.
  • Assassins: The confectioners of this class have the strongest attack speed, all fatal blows, once they hit, they are sure to win. The downside is that the damage range is short, and the health is also super low.
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Like the gameplay of a typical RPG game, before going to battle, you must grasp the essence of all these classes. Only in this way will the appropriate battle tactics and upgrade path be devised.

The game is a role-playing fighting game combined with attractive and novel construction. The main characters and the villains are all literally cute. Heroes are all kinds of candies, and monsters are fat, cute, and colorful. Each hero has a unique voiceover, so do the bosses. Every battle burns with countless shimmering lights. Play it all the time and still have fun. Is this the reason many of you are determined to leave the dark role-playing games to return to this sweet and fresh world?

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