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ControlMyMonitor 1.30 (Donationware)

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Change virtually any of the VCP settings of your computer's monitor/display with the help of this simple and useful piece of software

What's new in ControlMyMonitor 1.30:

When there is a DDC/CI error (Error codes like 0xC0262582, 0xC0262583), the error description is now displayed in the status bar in addition to the error code. You can also click the error code with the mouse in order to copy the error code and error description to the clipboard.

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ControlMyMonitor is a straightforward and very efficient piece of software designed from the ground up to provide you with a quick and comprehensive way of viewing and modifying the settings of your computer's monitor.

Here's what ControlMyMonitor can do for you

In short, this tiny utility enables you to change settings such as brightness, sharpness, contrast, color presets, horizontal and vertical frequencies, color temperature, as well as the RBG color balance, just to name a few.

Another highlight of the application is the fact that it allows you to export your settings to simple configuration files that can be later loaded into your current monitor or others if you do so please.

Convenience at its best

And, to top it all off, it's incredibly simple to use. For instance, in order to modify an item, just select it from the list and either double click or press F6 to activate its menu.

Of course, there are a couple of other, faster ways you can change the values of any item. For instance, you can use the "Increase Value" or "Decrease Value" options from the contextual menu (right-click to activate) or with the help of the mouse's scroll wheel, in which case, you also have to hold down CTRL to activate the function.

Makes tweaking your computer's monitor setting a whole lot less annoying

With a size of well under 1 MB and considering the fact that it does not require installation or any configuration for that matter, it's quite clear that this is a convenient portable little tool that can be used by all users just as easily.

That said, ControlMyMonitor truly stands to its name, as it provides you with a very convenient way of controlling and tweaking most settings of your computer's monitor. Changing brightness, contrast, and sharpness levels has never been easier.

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