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Compact RAM Cleaner 1.1.3 (Open Source)

11 months ago 36

Speed up your system by clearing its unused RAM with this app, designed to make the process a hassle-free one, able to be automatically run on OS boot

What's new in Compact RAM Cleaner 1.1.3:

Improved the mechanism for saving settings Minor fixes and improvements

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The RAM usage of your system changes by the minute, and that is because the running processes all have different memory requirements. In essence, memory usage is based on...how you use the system.

When that memory fills up or is close to that point, the slowdowns that come with it are immediately noticeable. Compact RAM Cleaner looks to help you avoid that, clearing the redundant processes to boost your system.

Truly compact

Per its name, the app features a compact, simple interface, packing all of its features on the main screen. Clearing your RAM is as easy as clicking on the designated button, and the operation will complete in a few seconds.

During the process, we had our Task Manager open, and we saw the used memory percentage go down. There was also a notification, informing us of the amount that was purged. We found it to be rather intrusive, so we disabled it in the settings.

Auto cleanup

The program also has an auto cleanup function, whereby it would run the memory purge automatically after the usage reaches a certain threshold. This is especially useful when working with multiple apps.

To further bolster that, the cleanup on startup ability also came in useful, as some unnecessary processes were cut down, reducing the memory tax. To complement that, the software could also automatically start upon system boot up, doing all of that in the background, requiring no input from you.

A use case

The automatic features certainly make this a very attractive offering. The fact that you can disable the notifications and employ that the program runs on startup for its cleanup, all the while disabling the notifications, provides the users with very intuitive software.

What's more, enabling the auto-purge, which will run when the memory reaches a certain load, will automatize the entire process for you. It's a do-it-then-forget-it affair, where the app requires little further input after the first contact.

In conclusion, Compact RAM Cleaner is an intuitive, handy app that will speed up your system, helping you manage memory leaks more efficiently.

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