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Comodo Anti-Malware Database 26-October-2021 (Freeware)

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Update your Comodo Antivirus or Internet Security database to its latest version by using this pack that can be easily deployed on your system

Comodo Anti-Malware Database is a pack that consists of virus signatures, designed to help users update their Comodo Antivirus or Internet Security programs to the latest version.

Frequently updating the definitions of used antivirus or anti-malware software grants users better protection against bleeding-edge exploits. However, sometimes there might be some issues with the automatic updates, which explains the need for offline updaters, such as Comodo Anti-Malware Database.

Users can opt between two flavors of the updater; one of them was designed for Comodo Antivirus and Internet Security versions older than 5.5, while the other one can be deployed to versions 5.8 and newer.

Actually importing the database might be a bit tricky. Users need to open the main window of the app they need to update, click the "?" button and select the "About" option from the menu.

In the newly-opened pop-up window, users can notice an "Import Virus Database" button, which enables them to browse their computers for the offline database and deploy it to the antivirus software they're using. The version can be checked in the same "About" pop-up window.

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