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CommView Remote Agent for WiFi 3.0 Build 183 (Trial)

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Monitor WLAN traffic on your machine from any remote computer that has CommView for WiFi installed, with this lightweight application

If you are using CommView for WiFi, you may find yourself needing to record wireless traffic on any remote computer, regardless of its location. This can be very useful in buildings with a large number of offices, where it would otherwise be necessary to travel to multiple locations for monitoring and troubleshooting.

CommView Remote Agent for WiFi is a useful add-on that allows you to capture WLAN traffic from any computer it is running on, offering you greater network visibility in areas with multiple machines.

Monitor wireless traffic remotely

After installing the application, it requires you to enter a TCP port number, which is used to accept client connections from the target computer. You also need to enter a password, that is necessary for future authentication and is also used for packet encryption.

Once a connection has been established to the computer where CommView for WiFi is installed, the remote agent can begin capturing and transmitting packets.

The monitoring service can be paused or stopped at any time, and you can change the TCP port number and password whenever necessary.

Compresses and encrypts transferred data

CommView Remote Agent for WiFi allows you to save bandwidth, by compressing the packets that are transmitted to the computer that is monitoring wireless traffic.

Additionally, the packets are encrypted with a user-defined password, ensuring that no unauthorized user can gain access to the information captured by the application.

Minimalistic interface

CommView Remote Agent for WiFi features a very simple interface, which displays all the necessary information. You can view the TCP port the application listens on, the IP address that is connected to it, buffer utilization, as well as the amount of packets that have been transferred.

Overall, CommView Remote Agent for WiFi is a lightweight add-on for CommView for WiFi, which allows you to monitor wireless network traffic on any remote computer it is installed on.

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LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSION30-day trial period Client connections are terminated after 5 minutes SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSSupported 802.11 adapter. 15 MB of free disk space. CommView for WiFi

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