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Cmajor 4.2.0 (GPLv3)

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Start programming in the C major language, create projects and source files, compile, run or debug them, with the help of this application

What's new in Cmajor 4.2.0:

Bug fix: Solution explorer tree view node collapse scrolling bug fixed. Bug fix: Solution explorer node expand crash bug fixed when opening a new project/solution and there was previous solution open. Bug fix: System.Windows.Component.LinkBefore and System.Windows.Component.LinkAfter fixed. Bug fix: One context menu item crash bug fixed in System.Windows library and in cmcode.

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Cmajor represents a new programming language, as well as the environment in which you can use it to create source code files. The application is simple to use, features a friendly interface and allows you to easily create or edit the source code from existing files. Alternatively, you can generate new files, in one of the projects.

A new programming language

Cmajor is created as a combination of the C++ and C# languages, bringing the syntactic advantages of C# and the semantics of C++ in the same tool. The program allows you to generate several types of projects, console applications and libraries, that you can customize with the help of source code files.

You can easily import various types of documents, such as Cmajor solution file, LLVM intermediate code, debug information or object code file. You can create libraries or assembly files, define dependencies, record exception type documents or manage property files for projects and solutions.

Quick compiling process

Cmajor allows you to work with both solution and project files, to compile, run or debug them. If the file argument for the compiler is a solution file, the program can parse it and generate a topological sorting process, to determine the project build order. In the case of a project file, the order is already defined in the document.

The program allows you to run the projects, after compiling them and also features a debugging tool that you can activate for specific configurations. You can create breakpoints in debugging projects, as well as pause or resume the process at any time after you started it.

Reliable programming language and development environment

Thanks to the graphical backend, Cmajor allows you to easily create and edit source code files, generate projects or solution systems. The program features a comprehensive text editing area, in which the specific syntax is highlighted, as well as an event console. You can view errors as soon as they occur, compiler output, breakpoints or sources.

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