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ClipClip 2.4.4981 Beta (Freeware)

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Organize, edit and manage your clipboard entries in a way that is more convenient for your working style and preferences using this app

Irrespective of what you are doing while at the computer, copy and paste are without a doubt two of the most used actions that you have readily at your fingertips. While Windows has become more proficient and robust over the years, one of the features that have received almost no attention was the clipboard.

ClipClip is a piece of software that provides you with unlimited storage capacity as well as a versatile environment that allows you to edit, format and share any content that you copied.

Enables you to save all files you copy

After a straightforward setup, you are welcomed by a neatly organized and appealing interface. The main window consists of two panels, one that allows you to access the latest clips along with the saved entries and a panel where you can preview more details about the content you copied.

It is worth mentioning that the program enables you to keep all sorts of content that you copy, including photos, texts or web links. The perk of tool stems from the fact that you can specify the type of clips it should record. The feature can come in handy in various situations, such as when you are looking for accommodations for your next trip and you want to save only URLs with cottages and pictures, for instance.

You can configure it to work in the background

You should know that the application can be set to work while minimized to Tray, so it does not distract you while you are watching various clips or need to focus on a work project, for example. Then again, it still records the type of entries you prefer, so you can use them later on.

In addition, the program includes a search function, an option that can surely come in handy, particularly since the app allows you to store unlimited clips. Last, but not least important, the utility enables you to edit and format the clips.

An efficient clipboard manager

In the eventuality that you feel the standard clipboard is not enough for your needs and preferences, then ClipClip might be worth a try.

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