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Clash Quest Mod APK 0.290.115 (Unlimited everything)

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Ora Hart - 03/11/2021

Are you a fan of Supercell? You’ll love Clash Quest as it features familiar troops! Deploy your troops and take time attacking enemies. Employ strategies to win!

If you’ve played Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, then you’re a hard-core Supercell fan. These games were the most popular ones when they were first released to the public. Now, they’ve come up with another new game that utilizes the Clash universe and introduces a new gameplay. In Clash Quest, you will play in a turn-based strategy game that has a lot of unique twists. Deploy troops strategically and defeat many monsters!

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This new game from Supercell lets you unlock many of the familiar faces you know from their older games. These includes the Archers, Giants, Wizards, Barbarians, Cannons and many more. Here, you’ll take turns with the enemy trying to take out each other in a vertical gameplay. You can then match troops to create more powerful attacks. You can also collect and upgrade your troops and spells to go up the ladder.

Turn-Based Game

Have you ever played a Supercell game before? They first became popular with the game Clash of Clans and then they continued to produce high-quality and addictive games such as Hay Day, Clash Royale, and Brawl Stars. We enjoy these games since they are mostly strategic ones that lets you have fun with other players. Also, the character designs are fun and they look great compared to other games. But now, you can play a new game called Clash Quest and it’s a fun one!

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Unlike Brawl Stars, this one continues the Supercell saga as it re-introduces the troops you love from the Clash of Clans and Clash Royale games! These includes the Wizard, Prince, Goblins, Giant, Archer, Barbarian and many more. You’ll fight against similar troops with lots of bosses such as the Papa Dragon, Goblin King and many more. Here, you’ll take turns with the enemy in fighting each other which means you can strategize your placement and troops selection.

You can unleash more powerful attacks by matching your troops but you also need to take into account their limited supply. You can also upgrade them and collect more!

Clash Quest Features

The Clash universe is a vast and an enjoyable one that lets you enjoy many games. Today, it has birthed a new one called Clash Quest.

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Turn-Based Gameplay – Have you ever played any RPG game? If you do, then you are familiar with its mechanics and tactics. You don’t need to worry about time and you’re free to choose what you’re going to do in these games. But Clash Quest is a fresh game that utilizes this age-old mechanics with a twist. Instead of the usual one with a horizontal gameplay, here, you’ll venture into uncharted islands with your heroes.

You’ll then try to break into the enemy’s defenses with similar troops as they also keep you off their lawn. Here, you can deploy troops such as Wizards, Archers, Giants, Barbarians and many more as well as spells! The enemy troops also have Cannons, Mortar, Inferno Tower and many more defenses. You will then need to strategize your attacks and match your troops for perform powerful attacks. But you’ll need to take into account your power, defense as well as limited numbers.

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Familiar Troops – If you’ve played either Clash Royale or Clash of Clans, you’ll be familiar with troops here in this game. You can unlock and use troops like the Archer, Goblins, Prince, Wizard, Barbarian, Giant, and many more. Here, you’ll get to fight similar troops as well as towers such as cannons, x-bow, inferno towers and many more. Each troop has unique powers and stats. There are some that are suited for long range and ones that are for close and medium range. Understanding their roles will let you win levels more! Here, you can unlock a lot of troops today.

Upgrade Troops and Skills – Clash Quest also lets you upgrade troops to make them more powerful. The more powerful they are, the better they can fare against strong opponents later on. Here, you can also unlock spells such as fireballs, swaps, charges, and logs so you can unleash powerful attacks. You can also upgrade them to have more powerful attacks.

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Fun Levels – Here, you get to enjoy conquering new areas and levels along with your troops. Here, you will fight enemies vertically until you reach the boss stage. You’ll fight a huge boss with a huge HP and attack stats. You can then enjoy clearing stages in the game!

League – You’ll also be able to fight against other people in the game once you reach a certain level. Show your skills and strategies today.

Download Clash Quest Mod APK – Unlimited everything

Can’t get enough of the Clash games? Download Clash Quest and enjoy a new type of turn-based game.

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