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Chronus can be called a “series of applications” that provide and display a variety of useful information such as News, Clock, Weather… Just with Chronus MOD APK only, you will have all the information synchronized on the phone screen. 

Table of contentsIntroduce about ChronusWhy do you need Chronus?Save time and effortUpdate news with all information fully synchronized and with a more beautiful interfaceApplication for those who have poor memoryMOD APK version of ChronusMOD featureDownload Chronus APK & MOD for Android

Introduce about Chronus

A widget application that gathers all news in one to help you save a lot of time and effort!

Why do you need Chronus?

You know, there are hundreds of pieces of information that need to be updated quickly every day. If there was a tool to put everything in one place, sync them quickly and help you read what you need in just a moment, that would be so great. And Chronus is the tool that can do that miracle.

Chronus (Chronus Information Widgets), from the name, has shown its role. This is an application that provides you with a lot of useful information displayed on the same phone screen. You can see many things in one: Clock, Weather, Stocks, Schedule of the Day, Highlights…

Save time and effort

So, instead of reading a few newspapers or surfing a few websites for news during the day, you already have enough of the hottest brief news of the day with Chronus. And instead of watching TV or watching the weather forecast, you can get all this information in full by Chronus too. There’s also no need for an alarm clock or a separate stock app because there is Chronus here. Much more information now gathers in one place, Chronus. Do you understand how much time and effort in searching Chronus will save you?

Chronus Pro UnlockedChronus MOD by APKMODYChronus for Android

Chronus is currently integrating many applications, such as Flex, Flex Analog, news, tasks. To see the weather, you have Yahoo, OpenWeatherMap, Weather Underground, and Norwegian MET; for Alarm Clock, you have DashClock; and you also have a host of other news apps. You don’t need to open many different applications or single widgets anymore, just use Chronus. Everything will automatically aggregate and streamline as required, and they will display all on the home screen. Then you can quickly update all information of interest.

Update news with all information fully synchronized and with a more beautiful interface

Like other widgets, Chronus is highly customizable and works well with any Android home screen. But more specifically, Chronus is optimized for usage and data many times more than other widget apps. Specifically: Chronus can hold a lot of information at once. This ability is based on the mechanism of aggregating multiple utilities on the same device with the same terminal processing system. Therefore, all are updated at a time in the neatest, most understandable, and complete way.

It comes with many options for the color interface, arrangement, clock display, and placement for other information. Each color tone and arrangement can be easily selected depending on the user’s mood, preferences, and habits. This is also a way for you to mood yourself up when looking at the phone screen, especially in the morning, when the mood is not motivated to work.

Application for those who have poor memory

Chronus also has some convenient extra features such as incoming message notification, new email notification, missed calls notification, minimizing the situation of missing important calls or messages.

It can be said that Chronus is the ideal application for forgetful people. It will help you a lot. Newsfeed has a built-in RSS feed and a calendar that displays a list of upcoming events from the To-do-list applications on your device. Make sure you can’t forget any details and control your work well.

One more detail I really like: when displaying notes and reminders, the app always highlights the most recent upcoming events with a more prominent font, typeface, and color. You can easily read these prompts even if you just glance at the phone screen. This design not only lists all the tasks of the day but also automatically highlights upcoming tasks. Well, now even if you want to forget, you can’t forget at all.

All back-end services will now be highly optimized in a single widget instead of many different standalone widgets. Chronus will both save you time, effort and limit the risk of missing important schedules and information.

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