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Updated on January 6, 2022 (1 min ago)

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Level Infinite
Android 6.0

Chimeraland APK is considered a super game on mobile, have you tried this survival RPG where the simulation combines with immense freedom?

Introduce about Chimeraland

Are you ready for the fight for survival in the magical world?

Lessons from the ancient world

Transforming into a character in Chimeraland, you will fight for survival as a primitive human. Everything around is a mystery; every scenery is beautiful wherever you go. Chimeraland is not only a game but also a culture, a profound lesson about the history of human origin. You no longer must imagine humanity’s most desolate period, but now you can see everything in Chimeraland firsthand.

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The open-world in the wild period

Chimeraland is a 3D MMORPG that not only has a beautiful story, but also perfect scenery and a wide-open fantasy world. The world Chimeraland has an area of ​​​​up to 836 million m2. No matter how far you go, you will never discover it all. Every step is a new journey, taking you to new and interesting things. Everything is built on modern Unreal Engine technology, highlighting a lot of unique creatures. Very vivid and lively!

The developer took 4 years to work hard to create the illusory world full of Oriental qualities in Chimeraland. What you see is a whole study of quality, from mountains, rivers, forks in the road to rare ancient animals. Like all of them are revived from ancient myths.

Unlimited freedom

When choosing a character, you can choose your original race according to the available suggestions. Each race will have its skills, identities, and weapons. From here, live like a caveman and begin your journey of discovery.

The freedom in the world of Chimeraland is boundless. You can do everything you need or want to do to serve the battle for survival here, of course as an ancient person. Choose your territory, design your shelter, hunt animals, ride horses, eat meat, tame wild beasts, and travel around to discover more about the world around you.

The first feature of Chimeraland is the freedom to build anything. For example, build a house. You can choose to build your house in the mountains, by the sea or on a small island, or even on your way to the sky. Go a lot, live a long time to discover the most beautiful places, and choose the place to build your future home. Can you imagine living in a rustic house with a windy seaside surrounded by immense trees? And every morning you can look at the immense horizon? That happy feeling would be so great!

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And since Chimeraland is an MMORPG, there will always be other players besides you. They are building, surviving, and doing everything in the same world. You can connect them to exchange furniture and items with them to earn more gold, coins and then buy things for the character. This is also rare freedom in an open-world mobile game environment.

Hunting and catching wild animals are also some of the characters’ regular and daily activities. You will fight for food, for survival or to protect yourself from the onslaught of bloodthirsty wild animals. Once again, players are free to do whatever they want to hunt. Make your own weapons, attack melee, or take long-range combat to capture an animal or defend yourself. During the battle, you will be free to swap weapons to fight quickly and effectively.

The ferocious animals will become a quality meal for you. At the same time, some of their parts can be used to make weapons, or decorate the house (ivory, tiger skin …). As for the gentler animals (such as horses, wolves, wild boar …), you can choose to bring them home, tame them and turn them into your pets. Or they can even become a ‘vehicle’, a companion on every adventure. Or further, you can select, train and have yourself an army of beasts with an intense, strange power. They can be used to fight later.

Animals that come out of legend

In this chaotic world, everything is a miracle. All the strange beasts that the world of Chimeraland creates contain many metaphors from Eastern myths. And with that unique appearance, their defense and attack abilities are also not average. You can encounter the most terrible animals that do not exist in the world, such as human-bodied birds, sea wolves, multi-horned rhinoceroses, ancient phoenixes, etc. These are all potential species for the army in the future. Carefully approach, use your mind and intelligence to tame and train them to become part of your beast army. 

The battle for survival is never easy

To survive, you must eat, drink, get warm, and be safe. Each of these requires a lot of preparation effort and a series of in-game actions. In addition to the main task of Construction, Hunting, the game also offers a lot of attractive “side activities”. These are all things that serve the character’s daily survival. Like fishing, gathering fruit trees in the forest, farming, cooking, trading, and exchanging items with other players. Remember to pay attention to the survival indicators because whatever you do, you still must live healthy first.

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Everything in Chimeraland is even more exciting on the massively multiplayer online role-playing platform. In addition to trading and exchanging things, you can also invite other people to form a fierce wild beast clan, and then share the spoils/loot.

Download Chimeraland APK for Android

The world of Chimeraland doesn’t just stop as a land. It is a vast ecosystem. It is divided into many different areas. Each place has a completely different population of animals, nature, scenery, plants, resources, materials, and weather. Wherever you go, there will always be new difficulties waiting, whether it comes from strange animals, or basic survival needs, and also to the surrounding terrain, rainy weather. To live a long, healthy life in this world, you need to be resourceful, proactively grasp the situation, and monitor survival stats closely. 

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