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Cheech and Chong Bud Farm

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Updated on October 12, 2022

LDRLY Games is the creator of Cheech and Chong Bud Farm MOD APK. This publisher is also the producer behind a series of mobile Bud Farm games. As expected, the story in the game is not outside the familiar cannabis field theme.

Introduce about Cheech and Chong Bud Farm

Let’s get rich with the cannabis field!


Cheech and Chong Bud Farm takes you back to the 1970s when cannabis was everywhere and people were racing to show off their richness from illegal cannabis fields.

The story is about Cheech and Chong, the two friends who accidentally met each other at Bud Farm. They were both young men with no job, no purpose, just wandering around making a living every day. Then they met each other, like a fated meeting of two soulmates.

This is the small village of Hierba Verde (“Green Herb”). Having the same goal and being in the same situation of “having nothing to lose”, the two decided to build their own cannabis business. They got along so well that they did a good job and held a monumental empire.

In just a short time, these super-profitable products helped two poor guys Cheech and Chong quickly become rich. Money, fame, everything rushed to both. Of course, they also knew how to enjoy themselves. They traveled everywhere together and lived life in luxury like two Kings.

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Cheech and Chong Bud Farm for Android
Cheech and Chong Bud Farm MOD by APKMODY

But everything has its price. When people get rich quickly on illegitimate coins, there would be many stalkers to harm them. Cheech and Chong are no exception. Stadanko, who was originally a business partner of Cheech and Chong, always wanted to find an excuse to put these two guys in jail. On the beach when both were enjoying their dream life, one accident came. But thanks to the help of loyal henchmen and money-hungry neighbors, Cheech and Chong always escaped and continued their journey towards their dreams of money and fame.

The above story, if put in a different situation, is not surprising or too unusual. But here is the story of getting rich on an illegal and unethical business. So surely, the feeling of the player from the beginning is also not normal at all. Not to mention, the publisher, by taking advantage of previous games with the same theme and the controversial topic, helped Cheech and Chong Bud Farm quickly receive a lot of attention and won in the race for favorite simulation games on mobile platforms.


Playing the role of two young men interested in doing business and making money on a cannabis farm, you must constantly take turns taking care of your field. You must water on time, fertilize properly, and take care of both planting and harvesting. Being busy is not enough. You also must balance your money to buy machinery for all those things, especially when both are holding a too large farm.

And to keep the business going smoothly, you should also think of a reasonable business strategy. The secret is to set a reasonable price for each type of cannabis and opium on the farm, for the main product and the by-products made from them. Then, the next step is to ensure a reasonable supply and demand so that the source of goods is never lost. You have to do careful calculations so that the amount of cannabis seeds that are not cheap is always bought and stored in full quantities. Make sure there is no shortage of products when the plants are not yet harvested in time.

Graphics and sound

Besides a weird theme and funny plot, the 2D graphics here will also make you happy because of their beauty. What an ingenious, sharp, vivid drawing! The character shapes are sharp with the right personality and forte. All progress from beginning to end is very logical, smooth, without any point of absurdity.

The most favorite scenes are the scenes of the affluence farm where everyone is so busy at work. Looking at the stretching fields is enough to push the energy mood to play more.

The background music is so good too. The game simulates a farm, but it’s not simple. From the start, cannabis cultivation has been dramatic, right? So, the music is fast-paced, exciting, both vibrant and joyful, making you not want to leave the game any seconds.

MOD APK version of Cheech and Chong Bud Farm

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


You earn a lot of money output.

Download Cheech and Chong Bud Farm APK & MOD for Android

In one sentence: it is indeed a good game with a great plot including many details! Although it is a farming simulation game, it does not give peaceful feelings at all but suffocating moments. I’m sure you’ll be both nervous and farming at the same time.

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