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ChanSort 2021.10.24 (GPLv3)

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Organize the channels of your Samsung or LG TV, rename them, and create favorite lists with this intuitive Windows application that will help you organize your life in front of a TV better

What's new in ChanSort 2021.10.24:

LG webOS 5 and 6: channel numbers are no longer modified by the TV after import (confirmed for DVB-C so far) Sat>IP/.m3u: Support for files with extra information after the #EXTM3U header Also capturing the group-title from #EXTINF, showing the msys value in the Source column (dvbs/dvbt/...), and showing all URL-parameters in the Debug column Panasonic .xml: files containing invalid characters in channel names can now be loaded

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ChanSort doesn't have to do with channeling anything. In fact, it deals with sorting your TV channels, if you have the appropriate device in terms of compatibility.

Don't get your hopes up, just yet, because the compatibility list is not that long. Regardless, as an idea, the app itself is more than welcome and it will probably work with more models as the manufacturing process changes slowly.

The idea behind it is simple

This application is created for those individuals who love to sort channels and have them always in a particular order. Yes, you can generally do this through your TV, but as channel lists grow more by the day, it can become tiresome to work on adjusting a thousand channels. Even half that number still sounds like a lot of work. ChanSort works with an exported list from your TV, which, by the way, can either be modern versions of LG and Samsung sets, with a release date not earlier than 2009. Some Toshiba TVs work too, starting roughly around the same manufacturing year. Keep in mind that the closer to our days you are, the more chances of your TV being compatible you have.

Various useful app perks

Exported lists are central to ChanSort. This means that there is no need for any type of live connection between your PC and the TV. With the list itself imported by the app, you get to see two individual sides. A before version to your left, and the after iteration to your right, the one you're actually working on.

If you decide something wasn't done right, you can always revert easily to an earlier version. Support for Unicode characters means that no matter the language or used symbols, this app is ready to help you accurately sort your channels.

The bottom line with ChanSort is that you get a pretty solid app for something you'll most likely need now or in the future. Sorting your channels is so much easier this way, but it is unfortunate that not all TV sets are properly supported.

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SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS.NET Framework 4.6 and later Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86): required to edit SQLite lists (Hisense, Panasonic, Toshiba and Samsung .zip format) USB stick/SD-card to transfer the channel list between your TV and PC Some LG models require a special service remote control to access the import/export functions Samsung / LG TV

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