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Castle Crush APK is an RTS strategy game combining cards and RPG where you have the opportunity to show your strategy skills with many different characters and ways of fighting.

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Introduce about Castle Crush

A real-time strategy card game with sizzling gameplay and excellent visuals

If possible to combine RPG and RTS?

RPG (Role Play Game) is a role-playing game that is already very popular on all platforms, with the common feature of character incarnation, skill upgrade system, weapons, strength, and then a combination of adventure and battle. RTS (Real-Time Strategy) is a real-time strategy game with mind-playing gameplay, a branch of strategy games in general, but emphasizing tactical thinking over luck. The RTS genre is where you can fight everything that happens on the battlefield at the same time on the same map, rather than waiting for your turn.

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What if there is a game that combines well and rhythmically both of these genres? That is, you both control your character to fight and describe the conflict with all surrounding opponents while using all your skills, weapons and strength, and your tactical mind to analyze the situation. The first thing I can think of for the answer is: the game must be epic and has a lot of depth.

And this was right when playing Castle Crush.

What is the difference of Castle Crush compared to other games?

The first difference of course is the interesting combination that I just mentioned above. Besides, Castle Crush is different from the usual strategy game because you will need to transform into the character and in turn go through the upgrade system, raising the corresponding weapon for each character. Castle Crush is also different from traditional RPG games in that you also have to take into account external factors such as terrain, timing, the nature of the opponent, prioritize who to hit first, summon the right cards at the right time. In general, it is necessary to have a thorough calculation and specific strategy to cover the vast real-time battlefield


When playing Castle Crush, you will control the characters yourself, using your skills and weapons, and your power level to attack the enemies. But especially the one that is not directly controlled, but will be through the cards. The player’s task in each battle is to destroy the enemy’s stronghold at the other end of the side.

The tactical nature has shown very clearly by the gameplay of the game. To both block the attack of the devil, and dominate in the attacks to destroy the demon, at the core, you must use the most appropriate cards in each situation. And you also must think carefully, both before and after, the consequences, the results of each use before touching the decision. Because each time you play, you can only use one card, and once used, it will cost MP equivalent to the strength of the character in that card.

What if you run out of MP? You will have to pause a bit to get enough MP for your pieces. During that time the enemy will continue to attack (if they still have MP). From the beginning, each side only has 3 MP, but after each draw, the MP increases by one, up to a maximum of 10. MP increases, the number of troops going to battle will increase. So you must try to open as many articles as possible in the shortest time.

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You can choose a long-range attacking archer or a Royale Golem capable of destroying a defense to penetrate deep into the opponent’s stronghold, or you can choose a mage capable of casting healing and strengthening spells to the defense army. Depending on the battle strategy of each player, you will choose a champion card that corresponds to your style.

Castle Crush has more than 40 cards with 40 warrior characters. Each warrior has its own strengths, spells, and weaknesses. Warriors are divided into two categories according to two fighting styles: summoning or power, which equates to defense and attack. Note that each character and spell you need to cast with that character will consume some MP. The only way is to test each character is to understand the essence of each warrior and from there to draw a lot of valuable experience for future battles. When you win through the levels, you will unlock many new warrior cards, more powerful later.

In addition to the core general cards, Castle Crush also provides players with many “special ability” cards, such as destructive flames, deadly swords. These ability cards can combine with skills to create different damage and ways of killing enemies.

Graphics and sound

Castle Crush uses only 2D graphics, but the prospect of all the ups and downs that it brings in the game will make you go from one surprise to another. When playing the game, the scenes you play is just fire, fortresses, long gray castle walls, and hordes of demons with all sorts of weird shapes. But every scene on each level is completely different and extremely rich, bringing you many exciting experiences.

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The number of demons and their appearance may make players scared because it’s a bit hideous and weird. In return, the good warriors are designed with a little chibi-like feel, so it is quite cute and restores the mood, making players less afraid.

The sound of Castle Crush is also quite haunting, creepy, gloomy, and covered in a gloomy color. The battle phases combined with attractive effects create a highlight for each battle. But the general vibe of the whole is still gloomy.

Download Castle Crush APK for Android

In short, Castle Crush is a strategy game that combines role-playing and cards, which may confuse you when you first play. But once you get used to the way of fighting, form formation, choose champions and understand each character in the 40 card cards, you will be completely absorbed in the game.

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