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Cartoon Art 1.9.1 (Demo)

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A user-friendly and fun application that can help you transform your graphic files into their amazing cartoon versions without too much effort

Most people resort to modifying the contrast or the brightness of their images to make the most of them. If you want to go one step further, you can use Cartoon Art and generate cartoonized versions of your pictures.

Highly intuitive GUI

The main window of this application is user-friendly and intuitive, meaning that even those with limited computer skills can still turn their graphic files into impressive results.

You need to start by loading the image you want to work on, no matter if it is JPEG, PNG, or GIF. You can manually browse to its location or you can drag and drop it onto the main window to save time.

Packs extra editing operations

As soon as you found the source file, you can proceed to choose the modifications you want to apply. You can begin with tampering with the color levels, then adjust the brightness, contrast and intensity levels.

Moreover, you can crop a certain area of the image so that only the region that interests you is processed. The zoom level can also be altered to your liking.

Includes multiple cartoon filters

The last step is to choose the cartoon effect, mask or frame you like best - you can preview them before settling on the final one. Nonetheless, it needs to be mentioned that the preview does not happen instantly, as you need to sit back and wait until the conversion simulation is completed.

If you are not pleased with the outcome, you can undo the change and try again with a different effect until you are satisfied and you want to export the result to a standalone file.


To wrap it up, Cartoon Art makes it easy for you to create jaw-dropping versions of your own custom images without needing to spend hours on end tweaking it.

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