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Car Restoration 3D Mod APK 3.6.2 (No ads)

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Billy Gray - 21/03/2022

Download Car Restoration 3D Mod APK Latest Version free for Android. Start selling the old junk and scrap metal and flip them for mula! This is definitely a satisfying game.

Calling all lovers of tycoon games. money earning fanatics, center stage please! Car Restoration 3D for Android if definitely one game you’ll want to add to your device.

This game is completely based on making a fortune by running a second-hand car business. Take some old, dusty, and beaten up rides and turn them into sick whips! Players who craze the excitement of car renovating and flipping are perfect matches.


However, if you’re a fan of high-quality and realistic graphics for your car, then this game might be suitable. The visuals are disappointingly entry-level 3D formatting. Which of course, cannot impress every user group. Possibly the younger players won’t care too much for the difference in art style.

Mobile device configuration shouldn’t be an issue. Even if you have a second-rate Android, Car Restoration 3D can run pretty well.


Remove any rust and debris, splash a fresh coat of paint, add décor and spruce up those tires. It’s time to drive into the info of Car Restoration 3D for Android.

Buy, Restore, and Sell!

So in this game, you’re the owner of the second-hand car business. Just like every other tycoon game, the ultimate goal is to earn a hefty amount of money. It’s all set in the first-person point of view.


You’ll get started with purchasing some entry-level models (which obviously aren’t in the best condition). The next step will be to do a little brush-up, refurbishing, and finally give the car an insanely fresh look.

In the end, you can sell your repaired stuff in the market for a good price. Just like in real life, you’ll get a variety of deals during the purchase, as well as selling.

There are plenty of different models to flip and sell. You’ll never know which car you’ll get your hands on next. The suspense is nerve-wrecking.


Not only is the game time-consuming, but can be addicting at times. There are moments where you could be completely lost for hours, fine-tuning an old piece of junk. Ultimately, just for you to get the gratification of seeing it become a sexy piece of metal.

Classic 3D Graphics and Simple Visuals

You must know it very well that the entire game is designed to deliver really simple 3D graphics. The background is basically plain most of the time.

The appearance of cars is nowhere to stylish. It clearly lacks an anti-aliasing feature. There is definitely a lot of potential for improvement in the visuals. Although, what is given is already enough to suffice.


When it comes to the animations, they are pretty average, but that doesn’t make much sense. However, the color tone is fair, bright, and sometimes prickly to the eyes.

Car Restoration 3D Mod APK - Latest version

Now here comes a modified version of the game. Loaded with improved features for better gameplay -  the Car Restoration 3D Mod APK latest version is superior. What this version brings to the table:

  • No ads


If you’re looking for an awesome car refurbishing business simulation game, then give the Car Restoration 3D Mod APK free download a shot. Who knows, this could very well become your favorite game of all time.

Download now and start your very own business. A business that you’ll always love to run at its full capacity.

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