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Cafeland – World Kitchen

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Updated on October 12, 2022

Would you like to challenge yourself in a certain business line? A cafe, maybe. Come to Cafeland – World Kitchen MOD APK (Unlimited Money), where you can not only become a rich businessman but also build your own famous cafe.

Introduce about Cafeland – World Kitchen

Owning your own cafe is the wish of many people, especially young people. It is a place for them to show their passion, not simply make money. However, it is still an area of business and as you all know, business is not simple.

That work requires patience and strategy of the boss. Many people are passionate about the cafe, but fail to succeed in business. If you are also having an idea of opening a cafe but don’t know where to start, Cafeland – World Kitchen is a solid stepping stone for you.


Cafeland – World Kitchen is a brand new cafe management simulation game from the publisher GameGos. This cafe is extremely large with many staff members as well as a variety of dishes and especially it attracts many customers.

However, that is only a beautiful future and is the result of your efforts. Because there is no success without experiencing bitterness. Everything starts from zero.

Cafeland World Kitchen Screenshot

At the beginning of the game, players are provided with a small cafe. It is only ready to serve simple items like tea, coffee and some simple pastries. Of course, the number of customers is not much and the profit is not great.

But the little money you earn will step by step help you grow your coffee shop. You can build it according to your own style and idea. However, remember, the aim of Cafeland – World Kitchen is to build a 5-star cafe with huge profits.

Grow your cafe

As the number of customers grows, it’s time to upgrade your coffee shop. Selling a variety of drinks, dishes, not stopping at coffee. Learn more recipes for new dishes and hire staff to do different tasks. Serving fast foods like cakes, pizza or famous dishes like lobster, sushi is not a bad idea. That gives customers more choices and helps your profits increase many times over.

Cafeland World Kitchen Gameplay

As you know, no coffee shop in the world is exactly the same, each coffee shop has its own style. Developing a cafe with your own style, that is also the point to attract customers, making them always remember you. In Cafeland – World Kitchen, you can completely build your own “coffee paradise”.

A resort with brilliant golden beaches and sandy beaches is accompanied by eye-catching cocktails and fine seafood, a minibar with dazzling lights and fun music… Many styles for you to choose from, along with hundreds of beautiful decorations, help you complete your “paradise”.

The dream cafe

In order for the coffee shop to become famous worldwide, you need to attract celebrities and get good feedback. Celebrity customers always have special requirements and they need to be served with care, with all your enthusiasm. Make them happy, in addition to making the restaurant famous, you will also receive special gifts.

Cafeland World Kitchen Graphics

Not only a restaurant with a variety of dishes, but your coffee shop also becomes a true entertainment center. Organizing monumental parties such as swimming pool parties, music nights, … will attract a lot of customers, including celebrities. It is an effective way to make your coffee shop famous worldwide.

MOD APK version of Cafeland – World Kitchen

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Money does not decrease as you spend.

Note, you may get banned when using the MOD version.

Download Cafeland – World Kitchen MOD APK for Android

Like many other business simulation games, Cafeland – World Kitchen has practical meanings. It helps players get acquainted with the business but specifically try the cafe business. Although it is just a mobile game, more or less it also gives players new experiences as well as useful practical knowledge in life.

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