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Updated on October 12, 2022

BUBBLE BOBBLE classic MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds), one of the best classic bubble shooting games available on Android. Download it now!

Introduce about BUBBLE BOBBLE classic

BUBBLE BOBBLE is one of the first bubble shooting games and has inspired many games in the next generation. Until now, it still has a charisma and a certain position in the hearts of gamers. Knowing that, the publisher Mobirix has released a new version suitable for playing on mobile devices called BUBBLE BOBBLE classic. Keeping the classic gameplay and adding a few features, this game has become more suited to the trend today.


If in the console version, you play the characters Bub and Bob, then in BUBBLE BOBBLE classic, they have been replaced by a new character named Bubblun. In each level, you will control Bubblun moving along the platforms to shoot the ball.

Cleverly move through gaps to jump to higher positions or fall to lower ones. BUBBLE BOBBLE classic has also removed the side-scrolling element, which means that each level is limited to only one screen. Get ready to face the enemies that are waiting for you in different positions.

BUBBLE BOBBLE classic download

Winning all enemies, you will unlock the next level. These bubbles can be blown unlimited. Use these bubbles to destroy enemies by having them collide with each other.

The enemies after being destroyed will help you earn more points or drop items. Defeating them in succession, you can get more points and more valuable items. These bubbles will burst on their own after a certain amount of time. So this game also requires you to have a strategy to win the fastest way.

BUBBLE BOBBLE classic apk

In addition, BUBBLE BOBBLE classic has also added ranking features. You fight, show your ability to shoot the bubble to set a record score. Rankings are still there and waiting to name the most talented warriors.

Items and bubbles

Occasionally some special bubbles will appear. They have the ability to attack enemies with magic like fire, water or lightning. Thanks to that, killing the enemy became a little easier.

There are three special types of bubbles representing three elements includes water, fire and thunder. Each type has different skills and, of course, they are much stronger than normal bubbles. Some information about popular bubbles in the game:

  • Water bubbles have the ability to drown out enemies.
  • Fire bubbles can create many fires, reducing the fire attacks of the enemies.
  • Lightning bubbles can blow enemies horizontally.

In addition, you can also use some items to strengthen the character. Use candies to help increase the blow speed, increase the blow range and increase the flying speed of the bubbles. And if you want to increase Bubblun’s movement speed, you can use red shoes.

Special items

While difficulties are gradually being pushed higher, you feel that these common items are not enough to help you win, let use special items such as:

  • Holy water: Increases the scores received in a short period of time, simultaneously blasting away all enemies on the current screen.
  • Chack’n Heart: Increases defensive ability, exempt from all damage.
  • Clock: Freeze enemies for a while.
  • Besides, you can use Parasol, Magical necklaces, Clock, Sky blue ring and more.

Graphics and sound

The graphics in BUBBLE BOBBLE classic are still designed in a classic style. In today’s era, when most games are designed with detailed and realistic 3D graphics, the graphics in this game may make you feel strange. But if you’re a fan of nostalgic games, you’ll love this style right away.

BUBBLE BOBBLE classic gameplay

In addition, the sound is also a plus point. Cute melodies will help you feel comfortable when playing.

MOD APK version of BUBBLE BOBBLE classic

MOD feature

Unlimited Diamond: You have a lot of diamonds when using the MOD version.

Download BUBBLE BOBBLE classic MOD APK for Android

Overall, BUBBLE BOBBLE classic is a fun, simple, but addictive game. This game is suitable for releasing stress or killing time when you are free. If you are interested, please download this game via the links below this article and experience it.

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