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Broot 1.6.6 (MIT License)

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Search for files and manipulate them or attach custom shortcuts, all without losing the hierarchy within the folder, using this application

What's new in Broot 1.6.6:

Make it possible to rebind left and right arrow keys without breaking usage in input - Fix #438

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In the eventuality that you need to find specific types of files in the folders, then having a tool with an advanced search option could surely make a difference. Then again, if you are not a big fan of standard tree commands and you prefer to get an overview of a directory, regardless of its size, then Broot is a tool that you may want to try out.

It keeps file hierarchy and allows navigation with minimum keystrokes

The utility needs to be launched using a br shell function, so make sure you have administrator rights to install it. You can search for files with minimum effort even if you forgot the location of a given file, since you can start typing the letters of what you are looking for. The app is designed to be fast and can find relevant results even on slow and large disks.

While you can use the Tab key to browse through the results, you can also search using regular expressions by adding a slash (/) sign before or after the pattern. The results are neatly displayed within the directory hierarchy, thus considerably simplifying your work.

Allows you to add custom shortcuts to any file

A noteworthy advantage of the utility is that you no longer have to manipulate your files in the blind. Since you can view the directory hierarchy, you can find the file you need faster and even add custom or standard shortcuts to it. According to the developer, commands like mv, cp, rm and mkdir are built-in, but you can add verbs and configure them when necessary.

Granted, a tree like view can come in handy in numerous situations. However, from a developer's point of view, it is almost never usable especially since it generates too many pages of output, does not act as a launcher and does not include an interactive search. Broot is a tool that overcomes all these shortcomings and enables simple folder navigation with a few keystrokes.

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