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Bonita 2021.1 Build / 2021.2 Beta 2 (Freeware)

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An intuitive and powerful software program designed to help you manage and modify your process based apps in an interactive, yet insightful fashion

Bonita is a comprehensive and professional software utility created in order to help you manage your process based applications in an efficient and interactive manner.

A modern and intuitive interface, with a fresh look

The application comes with a clean-looking interface, with futuristic and modern graphic elements, making working in Bonita a pleasure.

The tabbed interface of the utility allows you to work on multiple projects at the same time, without getting lost in a multitude of opened windows.

Also, an overview of your entire diagram is displayed, so you can easily gain an insightful assessment of your project.

An efficient solution to turn a visual process into an application

Bonita allows you to draw directly on the whiteboard that serves as the main workspace, by using the tools included with the utility.

You can add new elements to your diagram by dragging them from the palette into the right place on your digital whiteboard.

Bonita comes with included connectors for databases, messaging, starting processes and many other functions, allowing you to create elaborate diagrams.

Easily run your created apps and processes

Once you have created your process on the whiteboard as a graphic representation, you can easily test it by running the simulation sequence.

Bonita also includes debugging features, allowing you to tweak and calibrate your software application.

The development process becomes extremely easy when using the tools included in Bonita BPM, as well as when testing and debugging your applications.

An efficient and reliable utility for building process based applications

Bonita proves to be an inspired solution for those who need to build advanced process based applications in an interactive and insightful fashion, featuring a multitude of tools and development elements.

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