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Updated on April 12, 2022

Blue Ninja MOD APK will let you experience being a Ninja-style superhero. You will swing over tall buildings and use mace and darts to fight like a skilled Ninja to defeat the criminal gangs in the city.

Introduce about Blue Ninja

Green Ninja and the fight for justice!


In the modern city where many honest residents live, there is an underground world. The dangerous criminals are lurking in there and waiting to disturb people’s lives.

The police and military forces have almost given up. They are powerless to fight the increasingly violent criminal gangs, nor can they fight the gangster mafia bosses. So, they need help from a skilled and mysterious superhero.

And that superhero is you who can move like a spider and have the special skills of a skilled Ninja. There is no reason for you to stand still and watch those bad people destroying the city. So, day by day, you walk around crowded cities, weave on dark streets, and go to the city park to hunt down criminal groups that are lurking to harm people. The series of high-action battles start here. 


You play an open-world superhero action game as a Ninja with dazzling navy-blue armor. You fight crime by climbing and jumping like Spider-Man and using all the skills of a true Ninja.

Your biggest task is to eliminate and destroy the criminal gangs and all the mafia bosses in this huge city.

Blue Ninja consists of many small levels, each with different tasks, but most of them have the same context: villains suddenly appear and put innocent people in danger, and sometimes affect a large area that is the whole big city. People are calling for help, the police are helpless, and everyone needs someone to fight the thugs who are appearing more and more on the streets. Now is when you do your job. You use all your fighting skills and Ninja weapons to destroy the evil, and save the good people.

Fight like a super spider

Here you play the role of a strange superhero who is a combination of Spider-Man and Ninja. This all-new Spider-Man style has created an extremely rare open world for the offline superhero theme. Like the super spider, you can launch a black spider web to cling to large walls and move through many high-rise buildings to get to where you need to go.

Not yet, as you are also trained to become a righteous Ninja, you have all the qualities and skills of a genuine Ninja: throwing knives, kicking, hitting, melee punching, using mace, using darts to make mid-range attacks. Combine these nimble attacks with super spider mobility and you’ll complete the challenge and become the greatest superhero of all time.

The Hero of the Morning and the Night

Not only saving the city in the morning, but you also become the obsession of the criminal gang when the night comes. When the sun goes down, it is the “land” of the Ninja. You will perform all the skills of wriggling, moving fast in the night to fight crime when the city lights up. The lighting effects and the different style of the streets day and night are also a factor that makes this mysterious superhero attractive.

In most of Blue Ninja’s fights, you’ll fight against one or more enemies with agile movement skills and melee or mid-range attacks. Through victories, you will unlock many new skills and upgrade skills for heroes to better prepare for the upcoming battles.

Over time, the crimes increase and are adept and bolder. You are forced to constantly improve your skills and master the streets of the city. So, when the mafia boss appears with enough of his henchmen, you have a chance to win.

MOD APK version of Blue Ninja

MOD features

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlocked VIP
  • Unlocked Characters

Download Blue Ninja APK & MOD for Android

Blue Ninja has a thorough investment from the image, context, and motion to sound shown at a pretty good level. The game’s idea is also interesting when combining Ninja skills with Spider-Man’s signature moves. If you want entertainment, it is the right choice.

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