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November 20, 2021 (6 seconds ago)
Blue Archive
NEXON Company
Android 5.0

Blue Archive APK is an RPG game published by Yostar. After more than 9 months since the release of the Japanese version, they have finally released the Global version of this game.

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Introduce about Blue Archive

In the game, you are appointed as an advisor to a Schale Federal Investigative Club, Kivotos. They gather together to solve the incidents happening in Kivotos.

Yostar is both the publisher of Blue Archive Japanese but also the publisher of two games Azur Lane and Arknights, which are still very popular to this day. Their company is located in China and is highly appreciated by gamers. Everyone is very satisfied by the experience they bring to F2P (Free to play) players. However, Nexon is a publisher with a lot of notoriety, so you should consider choosing a server to play.


Blue Archive is a gacha RPG game. In the game, you need to arrange super cute chibi practitioners to go to the battlefield to do missions. The squad is divided into two front lines, Striker and Special. Striker has the role of rushing to the frontline with 3 positions that are Front, Middle and Back, while Special will support the rear such as healing, buffing stats. In addition, you can spend mana regeneration over time to unleash the skills of the students.

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Students are divided into 3 levels: 1 star, 2 star and 3 star. To receive students, you have to spin in the gacha machine, the rate of getting 3 stars is 2.5%, 2 stars is 18.5% and 79% for 1 star. Each student has a unique position, role, weapon, armor, skill, and type of damage. You need to master this basic knowledge to be convenient in building your squad. About the Tier List, you can refer to it at https://www.thearchive.gg/tier-list, in addition, it also supports a lot in viewing student information and stats. If you play the Japanese version, it will help you overcome the language barrier and play the game more easily.


Equipment is an outfit that when you put it on, it will increase your stats. Each student has 3 different equipment slots, and each piece of equipment has primary and secondary plus stats. Like the students, equipment is also divided into different levels and the lowest is T1.


Raids, also known as Total Assault, you can simply understand it’s a weekly boss. Each week the game brings a different boss, your task is to find the right squad and achieve the highest score possible. It will take place for 7 days, each day you can participate 3 times, up to 21 matches per week. Total points and rank will be calculated at the end of the week, rewards will be delivered in your mailbox.

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Other modes

The game mode is also divided into 2 types: PVP and PVE. Regarding PVE, you can roughly understand it as following the main plot and sub-version. Complete quests to receive gifts and upgrade materials for your students.

Tactical Challenge is the only PVP mode currently that allows players to fight in a 1 vs 1 format. At the start of the match, the system will control the whole thing with auto mechanics. This mode also sometimes makes players feel quite uncomfortable when the computer does not use the right tactics and combos that they want. However, the rewards are very generous, and you can only participate 5 times per day.


This is a feature that builds rapport with students in Blue Archive. You can increase your sympathy with people through the Café system. The mechanism is almost the same as in Honkai Impact 3rd, with only a slight change that increases the character’s stats. This is an entertainment mode for you to freely use your creativity to create a beautiful space. But in this game, it brings a huge benefit that is adding stats to students with high affinity and making them stronger.

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Blue Archive is developed using very beautiful 3D graphics. The combination of 3D graphics with chibi shaping brings a new experience to players. The movement of the characters is very smooth, the beautiful skill effects show the meticulousness and dedication of the developer put in this game. The game’s theme is about the military, but the player only finds the cuteness and fun in the battles.

Download Blue Archive APK for Android

So many of the above features are just a small part that APKMODY introduces to you. Because it has so many cool and attractive features, we can’t list them all within the limit of one article. To fully experience Blue Archive, experience it for yourself and make your own assessment. Join the game now and train your cadets to become stronger to protect the peace of Kivotos.

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