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BleachBit 4.4.0 / 4.4.1 Beta (Donationware)

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Free up valuable disk space and maintain your privacy by removing unnecessary or temporary files along with Internet traces, and by securing data

What's new in BleachBit 4.4.0:

We are pleased to announce BleachBit 4.4.0 with a cleaner for Brave, faster startup, Google Chrome enhancements, a new command line option, many fixes, and more..

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BleachBit is a powerful application designed to thoroughly clean your computer and remove unnecessary files, in order to free up space and delete privacy-related data. It is particularly useful when you are sharing your computer with other people, since anyone can be curious enough to look up your personal information.

Once the quick installation procedure is completed, you can check out the well-organized layout of BleachBit, which makes it possible to easily perform operations.

Erase sensitive information to protect your privacy

So, you can delete backup, .DS_Store, Thumbs.db and temporary files, along with system items, such as the Clipboard content, logs, memory dump, MUI cache, Prefetch, Recycle Bin, and temporary files.

The application can also delete files that belong to web browsers like Firefox and Chrome. Some of these objects include cache, cookies, crash reports, DOM storage, URL history, session restore, and site preferences.

As fast as application-related content goes, the tool is able to clear Flash (cache and cookies), Microsoft Office (debug logs and most recently used files) and Windows Explorer (e.g. recent documents list, Run, Search history), WinRAR and VLC media player (most recently used files), among others.

Find out how much disk space can be released, and resort to additional security tools

An important aspect worth mentioning is that BleachBit allows you to preview results and find out how much disk space is salvaged after deleting the selected files. Cleaning these items is easily done, with the simple click of a button.

Other tools of BleachBit let you shred files and folders to prevent them from being recovered with specialized programs, wipe free space, create a custom list of files and folders ready for deletion, as well as create a whitelist.

Evaluation and conclusion

The program requires a moderate quantity of CPU and system memory to work properly (depending on your hardware's specifications), has a good response time and finishes a clean job rapidly, without causing the operating system to hang, crash or display error notifications. We have not come across any issues throughout our testing.

With all things considered, BleachBit delivers immediate solutions to emptying the system of unnecessary data in order to prevent pry eyes from accessing your private data, as well as to make room for new files at the same time.

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