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Black Menu for Google for Opera 25.0.1 (Donationware)

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Access any of the numerous services Google provides from a convenient drop-down menu in the Opera toolbar, with this handy browser extension

We often don’t realize how much we rely on Google services on a daily basis, or just how many of them there are. Having a quicker way to access them can be very helpful, which is exactly what this extension aims to provide.

Black Menu for Google for Opera enables you to access every service offered by Google from a simple drop-down menu that can be opened from the Opera toolbar. It integrates well with the browser and is very easy to configure.

All the services Google offers are now much easier to access

Once you’ve installed the extension, you will be able to open the Google menu from the Opera toolbar. A number of services are included by default, such as Search, Google+, Translate, Maps, YouTube and Gmail.

Any of the default services can be removed, and you can also change their order. What’s more, a multitude of other Google services can be added to the menu, so any user can customize it to suit their preferences.

Features a clean layout, but some additional customization options would be welcome

The drop-down menu is very easy to work with, though it would have helped if it were possible to resize it. The default color theme looks great, but users may have liked to have some alternatives at their disposal.

If you’ve added a few more services to the menu, you may want to try out the experimental dense mode. It reduces the dimensions of each menu item, allowing you to see more of them at once without scrolling down.

Time-saving Opera extension for Google services

To put it simply, Black Menu for Google is almost a must-have extension for users who need to access one or more Google services frequently. It puts all of them within reach, through a menu that can be accessed easily from the Opera toolbar, and it can be customized extensively. Nevertheless, we would like to see some more visual customization options be introduced in future releases.

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