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Bitmoji for Chrome 10.31.1243 (Freeware)

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Create emoji resembling you with the help of this Chrome extension that enables you to resort to your own avatar when getting in touch with friends

Emoji can bring loads of fun to any conversation, but there are ways to enhance the experience even further, but this obviously implies resorting to the right software solutions.

Bitmoji for Chrome is a browser extension capable of creating fancy avatars for you by letting you come up with a cartoonish version of yourself, which you can share with friends anywhere on the web.

Lets you customize emoji in detail

The way the program works is pretty straightforward. You first need to create a free account where you can save your bitmoji, at which point you are free to start innovating.

You can personalize your emoji by choosing its gender and style. The face shape, hair color and style, eyebrows, cheek details, mouth, eye color, face lines, glasses, build, outfit, and more can all be customized, with the possibility of editing your avatar at any subsequent point.

As for how you can use bitmoji, you must know that they are available almost anywhere on the Internet. Inserting them when you are typing is an option, regardless of whether we are talking about Gmail, Messenger, Slack, or anywhere you can get in touch with your friends.

Comes with a generous bitmoji collection

Needless to say, your texts will stand out from the crowd and will be easy to recognize, with very little effort being required on your part. You simply need to click the addon’s icon and choose one of the categories you are provided with, then browse for the bitmoji that you have in mind.

“Funny,” “you rock,” “wow,” “lol,” “thanks,” “travel,” “bye,” “yes,” and many others are available for you to explore, but there is also the option to search emoji by name. Recently used bitmoji as well as newly added ones can be easily accessed, with the entire collection being quite large.

Great tool that makes online conversations more lively

On an ending note, Bitmoji for Chrome is a fun browse addon that provides you with an easy way of creating custom-made emoji to enhance your conversations with friends anywhere on the web.

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