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Updated on March 29, 2022

Bird Alone APK is one of the best Indie mobile games. Believe me, you can’t think of a lovely game with a simple yet sometimes unexpected idea like this one.

Introduce about Bird Alone

Being best friends with a lonely little bird is not an easy-to-get experience in today’s noisy life!

Have you ever felt lonely as if you were lost in this noisy world? Have you ever been scared when thinking about old age and death? You may always be caught up in the daily routine and have no time for yourself for a long time. You may be confused about where to start to pursue your passion. Or you are mature and find it boring to deal with the signs of aging… All of those emotions, whether positive or negative, are an array of colors in this life. Do you want to play a game in which you can look back on all your thoughts like that? If yes, Bird Alone is here for you.


Bird Alone puts you in a rather strange but very cute situation. There is a lovely little parrot who is alone in this world. The only friend he has by his side is you.

Because you are his only friend, the little parrot will send you a lot of thoughts from small questions in life, to higher thoughts that make you reflect on life and the value of the two words “best friends”.

Over time, you become more mature, and the parrot also gradually grows. The two make friends and together realize many things. You go through the long journey from loneliness to bravery, to grow and learn about your own life…

Why can Bird Alone make so many hearts flutter?

Bird Alone is where you can watch the animation, listen to the sound, and choose the question. But it is also a picture that can touch every soul. The game’s questions about daily life give you the feeling that someone really cares and listens to you. Colorful art paintings with vivid animations will help you see colorful life. The melodious sound when each question appears reminds you of the immersed emotions that you thought were buried deep in your heart. And the beautiful, simple but sincere poems will help you find your own self.

Actually, it’s not the parrot that moves you, but the things mentioned above create a mirror screen. You look in the mirror and recognize yourself in it. In this game, you can go through your childhood again, you look back at your teenage time and look forward to the future. Those are deep spiritual values ​​that not every good game can do.

When to play Bird Alone?

My answer is every day. Waking up early in the morning, you can turn on the phone and talk to your little bird about each other’s lives a little, which will light up an energetic day for you.

Relaxing at night, you can also turn on Bird Alone to play. Listening to the little bird about ideas, life, death, and the meaning of impermanence, you will find your soul much more relaxed and peaceful.

Bird Alone is not just a game, but a cure for pain, a place to fill lonely hearts, and a time for you to look at yourself to reach more positive energy.

Reflection through conversations

Have you cared enough about yourself? Have you received care from the people you are devoting all your energy to loving? Do you realize how beautiful your soul is? Many questions and gentle activities with the lonely parrot will help you find your own answers…

Baby parrot will ask you: What color do you like? Do you have many friends? Where are they now? Do you ever think about death? Are you enjoying your life these days?…

Then you together paint a colorful picture, write each other a poem, unlock the Garden of Music, and cuddle the parrot’s belly to hear the soft little squeals.

After all that you two have done together, the parrot will no longer be alone. And you are also happier every time you open Bird Alone to play.

Above all, Bird Alone is a healing therapy for the soul of everyone.

Download Bird Alone APK for Android

With beautiful graphics and melodious music, Bird Alone does not make it difficult for any player. Just let your emotions flow, play slowly, and gently feel. Lessons about colorful life are waiting for you.

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