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BestCrypt Data Shelter 1.03.01 (Freeware)

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Create a protection policy for your most important folders to prevent malicious processes and unauthorized users from accessing them

What's new in BestCrypt Data Shelter 1.03.01:

Ready for Windows 11 Improved support for folders with Unicode names Improved compatibility with Active Directory user accounts. Learn more about configuring protection policies for domain users Fixed compatibility issues when installing alongside BestCrypt

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While files and folders on your PC can be protected in various ways, data in use remains vulnerable to attacks and prying eyes. Having that in mind, the development team at Jetico created the BestCrypt Data Shelter utility.

What is this application and what it does? 

Well, it is a simple and user-friendly security tool that can protect data in use from getting stolen or intercepted. It practically creates a security shield to ensure your files and folders are secure and all the processes that are accessing the files are legit.

Individual protection policies for directories 

Working with BestCrypt Data Shelter is pretty easy, thanks to the user-friendly interface. The main window allows you to add new folders to protect and manage security policies. You can add as many directories as you need to protect and configure the policy for each.

Policies define authorized users and the processes that are allowed to make sure of the files inside the protected folder. You are free to select the users manually, set exceptions and then move on onto programs.

What is interesting about BestCrypt Data Shelter is that the application itself can help you create protection policies by studying the folder history. Moreover, it also works in conjunction to the “Windows Resource Protection make sure that files in a folder are only accessed by signed programs.

Set custom security policies for your data 

BestCrypt Data Shelter helps you get additional protection for your data, this time against malicious processes and unauthorized users. Custom security policies for individual folders offer you more control over your files. The idea is to ensure that data inside folders can only be accessed and used by active computers and trusted programs.

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