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Be the Manager 2022

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Updated on January 6, 2022 (5 mins ago)

Be the Manager 2022 MOD APK is a highly-rated football management game on mobile. Without fancy elements, colors, this game is merely about tactics and management. Are you interested in becoming a professional Football Manager?

Introduce about Be the Manager 2022

Pure and passionate football management!

If there is a football management game on mobile that has the most versions and is well received for many years in a row, it must be Be the Manager. Available since 2012, Be the Manager 2022 is the 11 version of this franchise name. So why is this game so attractive?

The core of Be the Manager 2022’s appeal is its simple, yet effective and enjoyable management process. As a talented team manager, you will constantly make key decisions to lead your team to glory.

Managing the team and everything around

Managing a team doesn’t seem to be easy. Besides managing the team and players, you have to consider many things around the operation of the team and the surrounding facilities like upgrading, expanding, or remodeling the stadium.

For a senior manager of the team, the personnel – players are the most important thing that determines the quality and future development of the team. For personnel to always be in a position of the great potential, strong and diverse lineup, managers must consider choosing quality Transfer contracts. Who to keep, which player to transfer for what price, how much it costs to call a star player… It’s all up to you and the detailed decisions in the game.

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Sponsorship is one of the main sources of revenue for a club. You will be the one to choose the sponsorship and TV rights contracts suitable to the position and image of your club. Choosing an unworthy sponsor name can drag your reputation down along with many other complicated consequences. Sometimes you will be at a crossroads with many choices, deciding whether to go after money or fame or long-term profit. During the game, this is one of the most difficult decisions. Because it is not only related to the club’s cash flow but also the future development path of all. Besides, negotiation is also quite stressful.

As the team manager, you will make decisions about which tournaments to join or skip. And once you have prepared for a match, given the current situation of the team, considering the strength of the opponent, you will decide the key strategy of the team. During the match, you can make substitutions, change the initial tactics to achieve the best results.

Do not forget to observe the matches closely because some players will shine. You will have to consider the balance between “individual” and “collective” in your team, making the team spirit of the team always in the best state and everyone is united for the common purpose of the whole team.

Poor management can also be fired

Be the Manager 2022 is a game that is very close to real life and pure management. It also means that if you don’t do well in your duties and management role, you could be fired. For this not to happen, you need to take care of everything. Starting from the core is the squad of the previous team, training, observing the opponent, choosing the rankings. The second is to keep an eye on external affairs such as transfers, sponsorships, and infrastructure upgrades.

There are still small limitations in Be the Manager 2022. For example, when it comes to transfers, the manager is you who cannot go directly to the club and deal with the player or the player’s manager but just can wait for the player’s name on the transfer list.

Currently, the number and types of tournaments in Be the Manager 2022 are not very rich and are almost exclusively divided by region of England, Spain, Italy, and France. The game will be more attractive if it has some leagues like UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup, or FA Cup.

You know, Football Manager 2022 Mobile is the best football manager game for Android.

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