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Battle Cats Quest

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December 16, 2021 (16 seconds ago)
Battle Cats Quest
PONOS Corporation
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Android 4.4

Battle Cats Quest MOD APK is a super cute mobile game from the publisher PONOS Corporation. At a glance, it looks quite similar to Mario Cat, but when playing, you will be surprised a lot because of many funny moments.

Table of Contents

Introduce about Battle Cats Quest

Simple Controls – Just Roll Your Cat!


The rather bizarre fantasy world in Battle Cats Quest opens up with lots of colors and funny characters. However, this world is invaded by an army of ferocious mutant cats. They go everywhere, breaking everything, one after another. They even come close to the Nuclear Power Area to suck up all the energy. They are no longer simply destroying the village for fun but revealing their true form as an army of monstrous cats with an unexpected desire: to invade this beautiful world.

I don’t know what naughty guy made the cats become so crazy like that. Just know that you’re the only one who can clean up this mess by stopping all the destruction of the ferocious cats, tidying them up, and getting rid of them before things go too far.

That is also the mission and your biggest goal when playing Battle Cats Quest.

The tower defense game is fun and full of antics

The game looks small and a bit faint, but it actually has hundreds of levels to play. Every battle of the crazy cats takes place in small locations, one side is your tower, the other is the enemy’s tower. Your task is to find and command cat generals to both defend your side and attack continuously to destroy the enemy’s stronghold.

If the enemy side has ferocious mutant cats, so does your side. You can get powerful mutant cats that have been fully tamed and obediently follow your leadership. Just manage the cat army well and choose which one to go to the battle at the right time. If you do this well, you are already halfway successful.

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Corresponding to the gameplay above, in addition to the permanent mission of Tower defense, you also have to continuously choose and arrange your army, turn them from defense position to attack, and gradually go forward to occupy the entire tower of the evil cat army. I like playing both defense and attack more than the classic tower defense games (most clearly, Plants vs Zombies) which usually have defense only. Combining these two ways of fighting is also very suitable for the actual situation outside. The two factions fight each other, and anytime one side is too weak, the other attacks to get the victory. Show off your strategy here!

You have to do two actions in parallel: putting cats on your side to defend the tower and dropping cats on the enemy field to attack their tower. So, in the end, choosing which one to defend and which one to attack is the key to winning or losing.

Each match, you will be able to choose and send many different types of cats, depending on the number of cats allowed and the amount of money available. The general rule is that the more money, the more cats. And the more cats and the more diverse the species, the higher the chances of winning. That’s all.

More about cats 

Cats are the specialty of Battle Cats Quest. Without mutant cats and different types of boss cats, how can there be a true Battle Cats Quest? The cats are extremely diverse: fat cats, skinny cats, muscular cats, high-legged cats, or calico cats, ebony cats, yellow cats, all kinds of cats in the world that you have ever known or heard of. Not only that, you know, this is the story of mutant cats. So, you will also see cats that don’t know how to describe properly: cats mixed with octopus, ghost cats, cats mixed with demon kings, cats mixed with dragons… There are poisonous mutant cats on both sides.

The normal ones are usually basic. Use them to protect the castle. Mix different cats of different abilities to form solid defenses. For the mutant cats with unparalleled strength and unusual appearance, put them in the attack line to frighten the others. Each cat has its own unique abilities and powers. Of course, the ones that are stronger and have more skills can have a higher ability to attack. And the money spent on them is also higher.

Various game screens

Hundreds of stages in Battle Cats Quest all have their own unique features, no duplication. There are many countries in the world of the game, and each country is divided into many small locations. Every time you pass the level, you will be invited to a new location to continue clearing the island. You play without any forewarning. Only when invited to a specific space, the tower’s location will be clearly displayed on the screen then you will know the surrounding situation and the country you own.

For example, when coming to Thailand, the tower will have the shape of Buddha, and when going to Paris, France, the tower’s shape will be the Eiffel Tower. Each country will have a few different places, and you are free to explore and admire.

So even though it’s just 2D graphics in vertical screen texture, every progression in the game is always exciting, dramatic, and always brings a sense of suspense. You will not know what’s coming. This exciting feeling goes on for a long time, making it hard for you to leave the game.

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